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Borderlands 3: All Gaige’s Gifts Locations in DLC 2

How to collect all 5 wedding presents in Borderlands 3 Guns, LOVE, and Tentacles.
Borderlands 3 All Gaige’s Gifts Locations in DLC 2
Borderlands 3 All Gaige’s Gifts Locations in DLC 2

Gaige’s Wedding Gifts in Guns, Love, and Tentacles

There are new crew challenges in Borderlands 3 second DLC; ‘Guns, LOVE, and Tentacles‘. One of them is from Gaige – The Wedding Planner. When her ship crashed onto the planet Xylourgos she lost some of the wedding presents for Wainright and Hammerlock. It’s up to you to find all these lost gifts throughout the DLC.

If you don’t know where to look or are missing one of them, then this Borderlands 3 Guide is for you. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t pick them up during the main quest. Once you are near one of the gifts, Gaige will call it out and an icon will appear on the map.

Borderlands 3 Gaige’s Gift Locations

1. Cursehaven – Olmstead Square

The first Lost Gift isn’t hard to find. You basically stumble upon this one while following the main quest of Guns, Love, and Tentacles. Use the stairs on the right to make your way to the roof. Then jump from that ledge to the next roof where you will find the collectible for Gaige’s Crew Challenge.

2. Skittermaw Basin – Umbergrist Village

The second Lost Gift can be found in the center of Skittermaw Basin. If you use the Cursehaven Gondolo fast travel station you are near a catch a ride station. That way you can quickly make your way to the gift location. You have to go through a bandit camp. At the end of the camp, you will need to jump from one rock to another to make your way up to the lost gift.

3. Dustbound Archives – Founder’s Office

For this third Gift, you have to go through the Dustbound Archives. This one is located just after the boss encounter that you have with the ‘Empowered Scholar’. When you have beaten the boss and are about to make your way up the stairs, you can find the lost gift on the left. Pro-Tip: When the Empowered Scholar goes into his first immunity phase you can use a sniper to take out the crystals that charge him up. For the second immunity phase, you can do the same, however, there is 1 in the back that you cannot take out this way.

4. The Cankerwood – Fermentation Station

The fourth gift is located just before the Windigo boss fight. There are actually 2 ways to get to this location. The first one is following the main path through the whole map. I suggest equipping a snowdrift artifact to speed up your journey. The second way is by using this Skip. Basically, at the start of the map, you are going to climb up the big mushrooms that are on the side of the house. By getting on top of those you can make the jump over the chasm and reach the “end” of the map in

5. Negul Neshai – Ruins of Yogseer

The fifth and final gift can be found in Negul Neshai. This one is located underneath the bridge that you have to cross in order to enter the Dahl space ship. If you cross the bridge you fall down at the end. There is a platform underneath the bridge, there you will find a big chest and the lost gift.

Gaige’s Gifts Quest Rewards

Every time you find one of the lost gifts, you will be rewarded with Experience Points, Money, and Eridium. Also, Gaige will read the letters that are attached to the present. These notes are from the guests that didn’t make it to the wedding and offer some funny impressions by Gaige. Once you manage to collect all 5 presents, Gaige will send you a reward through the in-game mail system. You will also unlock the achievement/trophy, ‘Industrious in the Face of Cosmic Terror’ when you collected all the gifts.

You totally saved my butt getting all these wedding presents back. Thanks for helping make this the best wedding EVER!

Rewards per Gift (LVL 57)19,760 XP
$ 12,777
€ 10
Final Completion RewardRoom Decoration: Just Married Poster
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