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Borderlands 3 All Rare Spawn Locations

Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Location Guide
Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Location Guide

There are 16 rare enemies hidden in Borderlands 3, originally these named enemies only had a small chance to spawn. Therefore, it was possible that you would never encounter them. After feedback from the community, Gearbox Software decided to change the spawn rate to 100%. This means that when you look at the following locations you will always encounter the named enemy. Each Rare Spawn has the chance to drop legendary loot.


You can find Demoskaggons in the map The Droughts on the planet Pandora. You want Fast Travel to the starting location of the map. Run to the left and pick up a vehicle because you need to jump over the gap in the road. Drive towards the Bloodbucket’s Chappel. This is the location where you needed to shoot the guy in the butt. Just behind his hideout, there is a small natural arena. There you encounter a Skag den and the Demoskaggons.

Demoskaggons Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Road Dog

You can find Road Dog in the map The Splinterlands on the planet Pandora. You want Fast Travel to any starting location on the map because you need to be in the center of the map. There you will find a COV camp. When you enter the camp through the main gate, Road Dog will be in the back on the right side. He will show up from one of the containers located there.

Road Dog Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Princess Tarantella II

You can find Princess Tarantella II in the map The Splinterlands on the planet Pandora. You want Fast Travel to the Chop Shop when entering the map. From here you can easily pick up a vehicle and drive north-east from the Big Donny’s Chop Shop. As you make your way towards the location you can quickly see her pop up from underneath the ground.

Princess Tarantella II Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Captain Thunk and Sloth

You can find Captain Thunk and Sloth in the map Konrad’s Hold on the planet Pandora. Since there is only one Fast Travel point you want to start your journey there. From here you will go to the right and continue to follow the path. As you make your way inside, Captain Thunk and Sloth will appear on the left side of the building.

Captain Thunk and Sloth Location Guide - Borderlands 3

I’m Rakkman

You can find Rakkman in the map Carnivora on the planet Pandora. He’s hiding out in a secret cave that’s located in the southwest corner of the map. Before Rakkman was a guaranteed spawn, you used to have to look to the sky and see if the “Bat-Signal” was shining in the sky. You don’t have to check this anymore to see if he spawned but you can use it as a navigational beacon.

Rakkman Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Borman Nates

You can find Borman Nates on the map Meridian Outskirts on the planet Promethea. Don’t Fast Travel to the Drop Pod but go to the other spawn point. From there you can easily pick up the vehicle and head out. Once you exited the Catch a Ride Location take a left and drive towards the elevator. Park your vehicle behind the elevator entrance because you can climb up the elevator This is way faster than using the elevator as intended. Once you made your way up there, move forward towards the upper deck. Halfway through this section Borman Nates will spawn in.

Borman Nates Location Guide - Borderlands 3


You can find Dinklebot on the map Skywell-27 on the planet Promethea. Since there is only 1 Fast Travel point you have to walk a bit before you encounter Dinklebot but you can farm him. You will come across a save station along the way, which will make farming quicker when save&quitting.

Dinklebot Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Wick and Warty

You can find Wick and Warty on the map, Lectra City on the planet Promethea. When you enter the map, you want to make your way up the stairs and then go towards the right. Go in the direction of the garage at the ‘Underpass’ location. Just before the parking garage, there is a parking lot. There you will find Wick and Warty in the corner near the containers.

Wick and Warty Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Urist McEnforcer

You can find Urist McEnforcer on the map, Lectra City on the planet Promethea. Make your way towards the center of the map called ‘Downtown Square’. There you will find stairs leading you under the city. Urist McEnforcer will be right around the corner once you entered the subway corridor. He will spawn out of the door behind the container.

Urist McEnforcer Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Red Jabber

You can find Red Jabber on the map, Ambermire on the planet Eden-6. When you fast-travel to the map by using the first station you need to keep to the right. You will find a small settlement in The Moist Hoist area, a tink called Red Jabber will spawn there alongside a bunch of other enemies.

Red Jabber Location Guide - Borderlands 3
Red Jabber Location Guide – Borderlands 3


You can find Maxitrillion on the map, Voracious Canopy on the planet Eden-6. You will encounter this bot just before your fight against GenIVIV aboard the Jakobs flagship, the family jewel. Before you enter the room with the vending machines, there is an office to the left where Maxitrillion is located.

El Dragon Jr

You can find El Dragon Jr on the map, Jakobs Estate on the planet Eden-6. Make your way towards Jakobs Estate, as soon as you jump into the swamp, go left towards the hidden Eridian writing. There you will also find a waterfall. El Dragon Jr will appear.

El Dragon Jr Location Guide - Borderlands 3

The Unstoppable

You can find The Unstoppable on the map, Ambermire on the planet Eden-6. Make your way towards Tig’s Big Rig as he will spawn from 1 of the doors.

The Unstoppable Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Power Troopers

You can find Power Troopers on the map, Atlas HQ on the planet Promethea. When you fast-travel to the map, walk straight ahead, make a right, and then left to leave the first area. The natural progression through the map is to go right. But there is a shortcut so go left and once you reached the end, climb up the wall. There is a small ledge that you can grab and skip like half of the map. This shortcut also places you right in front of the Power Troopers. It might take a few seconds for them to spawn in and jump down. Check the info-graphic below for ‘The Skip’ (dude).

Power Troopers Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Indo Tyrant

You can find Indo Tyrant on the map, Floodmoor Basin on the planet Eden-6. When you fast-travel to the map use the Knotty Peak fast travel station. From there it’s a quick ride as you can go down the elevator to pick up a vehicle below the cottage. Make a sharp left and just jump down the mountain and drive straight ahead. You will encounter IndoTyrant at the giant tree on the other side of the swamp.

Indo Tyrant Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Mother of Grogans

You can find Mother of Grogans on the map, The Anvil on the planet Eden-6. When you fast-travel to the map, run through the first section. Once you passed the first gate, go to the left and make your way to the wall. There you will find a stairway leading you up. Jump over the gab and head inside the structure. If you made it through the hallway you will enter a big room. This is where the Mother of Grogans will spawn. Once you reached the chest in the center of the room watch out for rockets and dragons.

Mother of Grogans Location Guide - Borderlands 3


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