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Borderlands 3: All Sato’s Sage Locations Guide

Borderlands 3 DLC 3 Sato Sage Locations Guide
Borderlands 3 DLC 3 Sato Sage Locations Guide

Collecting all of Sato’s Sage Journals and discovering his Cache are two of the Crew Challenges in Borderlands 3‘s third DLC; Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption. In this objective, you need to seek out multiple journals across Ghenna and by doing so you can open up a secret loot chest that is hidden in the area. You will come across 10 journals and 5 Cache deposits throughout this story campaign add-on.

In this Borderlands 3 Guide, I’m going to tell you where you can find them and what your reward is for completing this challenge. None of the Journals or Cache Locations are missable as you can still complete the quest if you already completed the DLC.

All Sage’s Locations

There are 8 Skin to Win Locations hidden throughout the Bounty of Blood DLC. They will appear on your mini-map once you get close enough. Then you need to defeat the named enemy in order to check off the objective. I have grouped these 8 targets by each map and the progression throughout the DLC.


Sato Sage’s Journal 1

You can find the first journal of Sato Sage across from the Saloon in Vestige. Look for the building with the green jump pad next to it. You can find a big crate in front of the door. Climb up it and jump to the bar that holds up the light. Need need to climb op that bar and then jump over the guard rail.

Sato Sage’s Journal 2

You can find the second journal of Sato Sage underneath the Gatherday Market in Vestige. Jump off the bridge and go inside the dried-up sewer area underneath the bridge.

Sato Sage’s Cache 1

There are two ways you can get to Sato Sage’s Cache in Vestige. You can use the jump pad from Juno’s house in Penitent’s Watch to get on the roof and then jump down to the boardwalk. Or you can parkour your way up there by climbing up the crate and then up to the boardwalk, to finally jump across the gap to the other roof.

Ashfall Peaks

Sato Sage’s Journal 3

You can find the third journal of Sato Sage behind some explosive green rocks in Ashfall Peaks. This is right after the jump pad section at the beginning of the map. You will land on a bridge and right in front of you, you will see the green rocks. You can smash these with a melee strike to remove the obstacle. If you find yourself at Lani Dixon, you are too far.

Sato Sage’s Journal 4

You can find the fourth journal of Sato Sage inside Caldera Stronghold on the Ashfall Peaks map. Make your way to the far back right in The Devil’s Greatroom. It’s hidden behind the rocky water structure.

Sato Sage’s Cache 2

You can find Sato Sage’s second Cache inside Caldera Stronghold on the Ashfall Peaks map. Make your way to the far back left in The Devil’s Greatroom. It’s hidden underneath the water tanks. There is a conveniently placed boardwalk to get to it.

The Blastplains

Sato Sage’s Journal 5

You can find the fifth journal of Sato Sage near the Fort Kickwater fast travel station in The Blastplains map. If you circle around to the Ashfall Peaks access point you will come across a broken bridge. There is a hidden jump pad on a lower part of the cliff that will take you across.

Sato Sage’s Journal 6

You can find the sixth journal of Sato Sage near the pump and charge fast travel station in The Blastplains map. Make your way to the camp in Amplicore Veins where Wrendon Esk is located. You can climb up a rock that is located just before this mini-boss. You will find the journal on top of this rock.

Sato Sage’s Cache 3

You can find Sato Sage’s third Cache inside Fort Kickwater. Make your way into the second courtyard and climb your way to the left side third section of this area. You will see some yellow paint on the wall as an indication of where you need to climb up. There you will find a half-closed gate which you can slide underneath. Inside this tower, you will find Sato’s Cache.

Obsidian Forest

Sato Sage’s Journal 7

You can find the seventh journal of Sato Sage at the entrance of the Tallyway Station area on the Obsidian Forest map. There is a small side track just before the entrance that you can follow. The section will appear on the mini-map as you climb up the wall. Or you can cheat a bit and jump off the rock to the left of the journal.

Sato Sage’s Journal 8

You can find the eighth journal of Sato Sage in The Last Dig area of the Obsidian Forest map. When you reach the jump pad to launch yourself up the crane section, don’t go up just yet. There is a small path alongside the rock wall to the left. If you follow this path you will find another journal just around the corner.

Sato Sage’s Cache 4

You can find Sato Sage’s fourth Cache in the Tallyway Station area on the Obsidian Forest map. It’s located next to the vending machines.

Bloodsun Canyon

Sato Sage’s Journal 9

You can find the ninth journal of Sato Sage in the Topside Access West area on the Bloodsun Canyon map. The journal can be found on top of the roof of the bunker. You can easily access it by going through the container that’s on the right side of the building.

Sato Sage’s Journal 10

You can find the tenth journal of Sato Sage just past the Investor Presentation Room elevator ride on the Bloodsun Canyon map. You can easily get to it from the nearest fast travel station. The journal is hidden underneath the bridge that connects with the elevator.

Sato Sage’s Cache 5

You can find Sato Sage’s fifth Cache just after the Presentation Room elevator fast travel station on the Bloodsun Canyon map. There is a pool of electrified water next to a locked door. You can open up the door by interacting with a switch next to it. If you stand on the boxes, you won’t be harmed by the electricity or wear the Legendary Transformer Shield which is resistant to shock damage. If you look inside you can shoot a powerbox switch (1) to remove the electricity from the water. Go inside and punch the green explosive plant (2) into the green rocks on the upper level. The rocks will disappear and another powerbox switch be visible (3). Shoot the powerbox from across the room. Go up the stairs and you will see some red markings on the ground from there you can hit the power box. If the powerbox at (3) is enabled the door to Sato Sage’s Cache will open.

Sato’s Sage Rewards

You need to collect all the journals and caches across Gehenna for Sato Sage’s Crew Challenge in order to receive the “How the West Was Done” achievement/trophy.

Completing this quest will also reward you with the exclusive “Ruiner Tapestry” Room decoration that will be delivered to your in-game mailbox. You can use this cosmetic item in your private room aboard Sanctuary III.

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