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Borderlands 3: All Signal to Noise Probe Locations Guide

BL3 - Signal to Noise Probes Locations Guide
BL3 - Signal to Noise Probes Locations Guide

Collecting all of the Signal to Noise Probes is the Crew Challenge in Borderlands 3‘s fourth DLC; Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck. Patricia Tannis has detected repeating brain patterns inside Krieg’s mind and requested that you investigate these signals.

In this objective, you need to seek out multiple terminals across Krieg’s Mind and quickly shoot all the orbs it releases. Collecting data from these probes may help Tannis to understand what makes Pandora’s lunatics tick. You will come across 9 Signal to Noise Probes throughout this story campaign add-on.

In this Borderlands 3 Guide, I’m going to tell you where you can find them and what your reward is for completing this challenge. None of the Signal to Noise Probe Locations are missable as you can still complete the quest if you already completed the DLC.

All Signal to Noise Probe Locations

There are 9 Signal to Noise Probe Locations hidden throughout the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC. They will appear on your mini-map once you get close enough. Then you need to trigger the terminal and shoot all the orbs within the time limit in order to check off the objective. I have grouped these 9 locations by each map and the progression throughout the DLC.

Castle Crimson

Signal to Noise Probe 1

You can find the first signal early on in the Castle Crimson map. There is a side path that looks to go back when you just crossed the jump pad.

Signal to Noise Probe 2

You can find the second signal after the fight with Evil Brick and Mordy on the Castle Crimson map. When you passed the catapult and head to the next area, there is a side path that leads to a Probe terminal.

Signal to Noise Probe 3

You can find the third signal can be found near the end of the Castle Crimson map. If you made your way all the way up in that weird-looking area, don’t go right up the stairs to the Evil Lilith boss fight but turn left and follow that path all the way around. From there you can jump down to the source of the signal.

Sapphire’s Run

Signal to Noise Probe 4

You can find the fourth signal in the Ironspike Causeway area, that’s the section with all the Varkid, on the Sapphire’s Run map. The mission wants you to follow the path of roses to a small altar, however, there is another one up the hill to the left. If you trigger the altar a platform will appear and you can get up that big floating rock.

Signal to Noise Probe 5

You can find the fifth signal before the Wistwhile area on the Sapphire’s Run map. Once again, you need to trigger an Altar with Maya’s book. You will likely need to do some platforming on the various platforms to shoot all the orbs.

Signal to Noise Probe 6

You can find the sixth signal can be found after the Scattertrack Station the Sapphire’s Run map. It’s across from the “Brainstorm” side mission where Krieg stands with his umbrella. Trigger the Altar with Maya’s book to reveal multiple platforms. Some of the Orbs are only visible if you get on the further platforms.

Benediction of Pain

Signal to Noise Probe 7

You can find the seventh signal can be found early on in The Umbra area on the Benediction of Pain map. Upon entering the area, you can spot a floating Handsome Jack mask to the right. Just on the edge of the cliff is a terminal for the data signal.

Signal to Noise Probe 8

You can find the eighth signal in the Bedlam Block area on the Benediction of Pain map. Just next to the big robot sits the Signal to Noise terminal. You can see a giant loader bot in the background looking at it.

Signal to Noise Probe 9

You can find the ninth signal in the Rattlecage Ward area on the Benediction of Pain map. It’s located to the right upon entering this section of the map, across from the recreated Matrix Lobby.

Signal to Noise Probe Rewards

You need to collect all Signal to Noise Probe across Krieg’s Mind for this Crew Challenge in order to receive the “Fustercluck Off” achievement/trophy.

Completing this quest will also reward you with the exclusive “Hotwire Handheld” Echo Skin that will be delivered to your in-game mailbox.

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