Borderlands 3 Best Early Game Weapons Guide

Borderlands 3 Best Early Game Weapons Guide
Borderlands 3 Best Early Game Weapons Guide


If you started playing Borderlands 3 and got your basics down. You want to become the most badass Vault Hunter out there. You want to unlock all those inventory slots to max out your potential. But more importantly, you want to fill up your weapon slots with the best guns out there. However, where do you find all the legendary items? Luckily, in Borderlands 3 all of the named enemies and bosses have some of these badass weapons assigned to them. Because these opponents can respawn you can farm them for their loot.

Best Early Game Weapons

Here is a list of the best legendary weapons you can find early on in the game. Most articles you can find online about this topic haven’t updated their guide since the release of Borderlands 3. Since Gearbox Software patched the game, named enemies and bosses now drop a lot more specific loot that was previously only available with a lot of luck.


Borderlands 3 Legendary COV Pistol - Linoge

Borderlands 3 Legendary COV Pistol – Linoge

You can obtain the Linoge pretty fast in the game. Once you completed the tutorial section of the game and made your way to the hideout, you can start farming the Crawly Family who are located in the Droughts on Pandora (Location Video). The Linoge is a COV Pistol that deals good damage at the cost of slow-moving projectiles and high ammo consumption. Early on in the game, you won’t be able to carry a lot of ammo yet. Most sites recommend getting the ‘Predatorial Lending’ from the Crawly Family, however, you also won’t have a lot of money that early in the game. I think you can better save up that money and buy some decent gear or storage deck upgrades with it.


Borderlands 3 Legendary COV Pistol - SkekSil

Borderlands 3 Legendary COV Pistol – SkekSil

Another great weapon to have early on in the game is the SkekSil. When you made your way through the Droughts and reach the location; Ascension Bluff on Pandora you can fight Skrakk (Location Video). Like the previous weapon, this enemy is also a Sir Hammerlock Crew Challenge. The SkekSil is a burst fire COV Pistol and can drop in various elements. When you fire the SkekSil it will randomly also shoot 1 to 3 additional rockets. If you can manage to get one with a fire element on it, then it can carry you a long way since most enemies in that segment of the game are weak against fire damage. Keep an eye out on your ammo as the SkekSil will eat through your bullets in no time this early on in the game.


Borderlands 3 Legendary Dahl Assault Rifle - Barrage

Borderlands 3 Legendary Dahl Assault Rifle – Barrage

The Barrage is also a legendary drop that you can get from Skrakk in Ascension Bluff on Pandora. This Dahl assault rifle good balanced gun, it’s accurate and deals decent damage. The Barrage can be non-elemental, Corrosive, or Radiation. You probably want the non-elemental or radiation version of this gun as you won’t be encountering a lot of enemies with armor. You will be on the next planet once you start seeing more armored enemies. By then you can farm Giga-Mind for his Smartgun-XXL.


Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan SMG - Cutsman

Borderlands 3 Legendary Maliwan SMG – Cutsman

The cutsman is a legendary SMG which currently a must-have in any great build. While the projectiles move pretty slow it makes up for it in damage. Because this weapon can drop in any element you can maximize your damage by using the correct element against your enemies. You can farm the Cutsman from Borman Nates who is located in the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea (Location Video).

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Which weapons do you recommend farming in the early game? Let me know in the comments below. – MentalMars

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  1. JorRaptor

  2. Scott M

    Early in the game, don’t sweat farming. Just play, enjoy what you get. I think it’s more fun to do your…

  3. This Guy 😎 aka Keith πŸ€”

    Nighthawkin and Q-System. Otherwise play to have fun. Don’t sweat the farming too much.

  4. Brock

    Early game, the only thing I farm is a Westergun with good elements since you won’t get another on level until Mayhem.


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