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Borderlands 3: Bloody Harvest Challenge Guide

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Guide
Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Guide

The Bloody Harvest is a Halloween themed event in Borderlands 3. During this event, you can complete challenges and earn various cosmetic items to customize your character. In this guide, I’m going to tell you how you can complete all the challenges and obtain all the loot.

Fastest Bloody Harvest Hecktoplasm Farm

The starting area of Voracious Canopy which is located on Eden-6 has a lot of haunted enemies. The enemies in this location are all flesh-based so equip your fire weapon and go to town. Focus on the enemies that glow, as these are the Haunted enemies that you will need to collect. You can also run Athenas as that is also a fun place to farm regularly during the game as it has some nice farming opportunities like Truant and Chupacabra.

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Challenges

There are 15 Bloody Harvest challenges that you need to work your way through. You got till December 5th to complete them and if you do so you will earn the various rewards.

  • An Eye for Quality Hecktoplasm
    • Kill 20 Loot Ghosts
    • These are the Golden Skulls
  • Chaotic Good Cleric
    • Kill 300 Ghosts in Mayhem Mode
  • Charon’s Toll
    • Collect 30 pieces of Bloody Harvest loot
  • Easy as Pumpkin Pie
    • Solve the Pumpkin Puzzle
    • Read Guide Below
  • El Compeon Fantasmal
    • Kill Haunted El Dragon Jr
    • Eden 6 Jakob’s Estate  – Location Video
    • El Dragon Jr drops the Unleash the Dragon, Artifact that makes your slide, slam, and melee all ignite.
  • Exorcist
    • Kill 50 Haunted Badasses
  • Friends Don’t Die
  • Heckraiser
    • Loot a Bloody Harvest Legendary
  • I am Rakkman!
    • Kill Haunted Rakkman
    • Pandora, Carnivora  – Location Video
    • Rakkman drops the Night Flyer, Pistol that leaves enemies at one health, fully auto when airborne.
  • Lawful Good Cleric
    • Kill 250 Ghosts
  • My Boss has been Ghosting me all Week
    • Kill Captain Haunt 15 times
    • Repeat Maurices quest to summon the portal.
  • Nate’s Hostile
    • Kill Haunted Borman Nates
    • Promethea, Meridian Outskirts  – Location Video
    • Borman Nates drops the Psycho Stabber, Pistol with 340% Melee damage that shoots daggers.
  • Pumpkin Spiced
    • Equip 3 pieces of Bloody Harvest loot at the same time
  • Reap What You Sow, Bro
    • Kill Captain Haunt with a Bloody Harvest gun
    • Use a weapon with a Terror Anointment on it.
  • Snowball’s Chance in Heck
    • Kill 50 Haunted enemies with Cryo Damage in the Heck Hole
    • You only need to kill the ghost with Cryo weapons. So if you don’t own a decent Cryo weapon use your weapons of choose and swap to Cryo for the killing blow.

Bloody Harvest Rewards

bloody harvest event loot - Borderlands 3

When you complete the challenges above you will earn these rewards

  • 4 Challenges Completed
    • Weapon Trinket: Shrunk ‘n Dead
  • 8 Challenges Completed
    • ECHO Device Skin: HECKO-3
  • 12 Challenges Completed
    • Vault Hunter Skin: If Spooks Could Kill
  • 15 Challenges Completed
    • Weapon Skin: Ghoul Metal Grey

How to solve the Easy as Pumpkin Pie puzzle?

Easy Like Pumpkin Pie Guide - Borderlands 3
Easy Like Pumpkin Pie Guide – Borderlands 3

Once you managed to travel to The Heck Hole, you will need to clear out 3 sections and travel to the room where you need to jump down through a hole. If you look to the right in that room you will see 4 colored skulls hanging on the wall. You will need to pull these levers in the correct order to gain access to a secret area. The sequence in which you will need to pull these levers will be different each time you will visit The Heck Hole. You can get the correct code by inspecting the pumpkin located in the previous room. At the top of the staircase, you will see 4 pumpkins each of them will glow in a specific color. The puzzle is to pull the corresponding colored skull lever in the right sequence. If you are standing on the stairs and are facing the room with the colored skulls the order in which you should check the pumpkins is by going from left to right. If you did it correctly a wall will explode and you will get access to a room filled with chests. If you failed, then you will be laughed at and you won’t be able to retry on this run. You can simply ‘save&quit’ and load the game at The Heck Hole and farm this room.

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