Borderlands 3 ‘Catch-A-Ride’ Vehicles and Parts

Catching a ride just became a literal thing in the Borderlands universe. In Borderlands 3 you are able to hijack enemy vehicles, steal their parts, and customize your personal ride that you can enjoy! Find out about all the customization elements and I'll tell you a little bit about my driving experience in Borderlands 3.

Need for Speed

With Borderlands 3, Gearbox Software moved from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4. Therefore they had to build everything from the ground up. One of those things is the vehicle combat. Since the driving experience in the previous Borderlands games is known for not being the best in the world, Gearbox Software outsourced vehicle controls to the Quebec studio. During a meetup I had with a few devs, I found out that multiple devs at the Quebec studio have worked on racing games like the Need for Speed franchise. Therefore it was a logical choice for them to take on this project.

At the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal event, I was able to drive around with a few vehicles. The controls felt familiar and the handling of the vehicles was good. During the demo, you can quickly obtain a vehicle. However, that first section is pretty open so there isn’t a lot you can bump into. I didn’t encounter any weird collisions with invisible objects it something like that.

Later on in the demo, you do get to race through narrow streets of Meridian Metroplex. Once you meet up with Rhys, Lorelei mentions you can give the new cyclone bike a spin. I think this is the vehicle that everyone is most excited about to try out. While I wasn’t impressed by its weapons at first, I was impressed by how well it maneuvered. The handling at such high speeds and in the limited navigation space was great. I was able to swiftly navigate the city although half of the time I didn’t know where I was going because everything was new to me.

During my play session, I noticed that there are a lot more Catch-A-Ride stations in the areas. This might be due to the location but it is a welcome addition to the game. No longer having to walk really long distances to get to a vehicle. Walking to your vehicle is a thing from the past because at any time you can also fast travel to your vehicle. This speeds up things significantly.

Vehicle Customization

Catching a ride just became a literal thing in the Borderlands universe. In Borderlands 3 you are able to hijack enemy vehicles. When you successfully claimed your new ride, then you might run into some new vehicle parts. You can then drive your vehicle to any ‘Catch-a-Ride’  station and scan in the new part. When doing so, you are then able to digistruct those parts yourself for any of your future rides. There are 3 different vehicles you can spawn from Ellie’s Catch-a-Ride stations. You have the Outrunner, the Technical, and the Cyclone. Each of these vehicles has a variety of different customization options. You can choose your Body Type (Vehicle type), Driver Weapon, Turret weapon, Mods, Wheels, Armor, Material (skin theme), and color pallet.


Developed by one of the big five coörporations is the fasted land vehicle available and can “outrun” anything else. It cannot outrun other Outrunners, however, since they go the same speed. – Catch-A-Ride Station

  • Statistics
    • Speed: 14
    • Armor: 4
  • Driver Weapons
    • Machine Gun – High fire rate machine gun.
    • Tesla Coil – Beam of shock damage that chains to nearby targets.
    • Flame Thrower – Produce a flame best used to quickly get rid of a vehicle’s occupants.
  • Turret Weapons
    • Heavy Missle – 50% more damage on a direct hit. The Gunner can zoom in for extra precision.
    • Shotgun Missle – Fire an array of missiles. The Gunner can change the firing pattern.
    • Swarmer Missle – Fires a volley of missiles. The Gunner can laser guide the missiles.
  • Wheels
    • Dune Buggy Wheels – Balanced for speed and handling.
    • Zip Wheels – Using the e-brake generates energy and releases into a flaming boost.
    • Omni Wheels – Replaces the e-brake with a hovering mode.
    • Twitchy Wheels – Steerable back wheels for extra maneuverability
  • Armors
    • Stripped Armor – Stripper armor is lighter but has no durability benefit.
    • Heavy Armor – Heavy plated armor improves durability at the expense of speed.
  •  Mods
    • Booster Canisters – Optimized for speed and duration, this boost is well balanced.
    • Energy Cells – Three charges of energy that produce a small boost and pulse of shock damage.
    • Blaze Booster – Starting with a big kick, this fast-burning booster is better used in smaller bursts.
    • Laser Wings – Boost energy is redirected to create multiple laser blades around the vehicle.


There’s nothing technical about the way that the CoV built this. But it’s surprisingly sturdy, packs quite a punch and is a blast to drive! –  Catch-A-Ride Station

  • Statistics
    • Speed: 12
    • Armor: 7
  • Driver Weapons
    • Machine Gun – A trusted Classic, you know what to do. Aim and shoot!
    • Flak Cannon – A powerful shotgun that fires scrap projectiles. Especially deadly when close to the target
  • Turret Weapons
    • Barrel Launcher – Launches an explosive barrel. The gunner can detonate the barrel midair to create cluster bombs.
    • Sticky Bombs – Launches bombs that will stick to any surface. Concrete, armor, even flesh. You name it, it will stick. The explosion occurs after a set time or can be triggered by the Gunner.
    • Tire Bombs – Launches a bomb shaped into a fast rolling tire. The gunner can steer the tire remotely.
  • Wheels
    • All-Terrain Wheels – Technical’s fastest wheels.
    • Monster Wheels – Big wheels improve handling and durability
    • Barbed Wheels – Ignore Terrain. +50% more ramming damage against flesh.
    • Hover Wheels – Replace e-brake with hovering mode.
  • Armors
    • Stripped Armor – Stripped armor is lighter but has no durability benefit.
    • Heavy Armor – Heavy plated armor improves durability at the expense of speed.
    • Meat Grinder – +100% ramming damage. +200% ramming damage agianst flesh.
  •  Mods
    • Passenger Seats – Comes equipped with a boost module AND passenger seats! Now all your companions can come along. The more the merrier … or is it?
    • Fuel Barrels – All you have to do is activate it, and you’ll never run out! Doesn’t pack the punch of the other boosts but that’s the price you pay.
    • Toxic Booster – At first glance, it just doesn’t provide much speed and is all dirty and rusty. But it also coughs up corrosive clouds that damage the guys. So ask yourself, what’s your poison?
    • Jet Booster – Nothing can go wrong with a jet-engine strapped to the back of a truck. It takes a bit of time to charge up, but it is well worth the wait.


The Cyclone makes up for its lack of defenses by allowing its driver to outmaneuver other vehicles. It’s armed with an array of fast weapons that can be aimed at 360 degrees. – Catch-A-Ride Station

  • Statistics
    • Speed: 17
    • Armor: 2
  • Driver Weapon
    • Machine Gun – Trusted Classic. Just aim and shoot!
    • Explosive Needle Launcher – Fires a bunch of explosive needles. After a while the needles explode.
    • Sawblade Launcher – Launch powerful explosive sawblades.
  • Wheel
    • Monowheel – Cyclone’s fastest wheel.
    • Blade wheel – Offers more traction on terrains. Significant ramming damage boost against flesh.
    • Wide Wheel – Offers improved handling and more durability.
    • Hover Wheel – Enable the Hover mode by activating the e-brake!
  • Armor
    • Stripped Armor – Stripped armor is lighter but has no durability benefit.
    • Heavy Armor – Heavy plated armor improves durability at the expense of speed.
  •  Mod
    • Heavy Booster – This booster is extremely powerful. Gotta go fast!
    • Sonic Booster – Boost with three different stages of increasing intensity. The longer it is active, the faster is goes.
    • Fire Starter – Magma Clouds are created behind the booster causing chasing enemies to catch fire!
    • Digithruster – Instant boost that teleports you a short distance forward. Ideal for escaping fights, or engaging in them. Hey, digistructing doesn’t just help when you’re dead!

Skin Customizations

When selecting your ride, you can choose between a variety of different paintjob themes. After selecting a theme you can also adjust the 3 base colors of the theme to personalize your ride.


  • Default – Classic Look
  • Atlas – You are now sponsored by the Atlas Corporation!
  • Magic Number – “Illusion, Michael”
  • Blue Angels – Who’s the star? You’re the star!
  • Bubblegum – Let’s face it, this paintjob would exist even if we didn’t put it here. Chew on this!
  • Children of the Vault – The Calypsos probably wouldn’t like us rocking their color, but who cares?
  • Dahl – You are now sponsored by the Dahl Corporation!
  • Ellie – Ain’t that a beauty? Feel free to change it even though it would break my heart.
  • Follow-Me – Fancy a game of checkers?
  • Forest Camo – Forest Camo? Anyone happen to remember we’re invading a desert planet?
  • Golden Ticket – Big Donny gave his life so you could have this … well you took it from him.
  • Gearbox – Now where have I seen this before …?
  • Halftone – Want this one? Sign here on the dotted line.
  • Hyperion – You are now sponsored by the Hyperion Corporation!
  • Jakobs – You are now sponsored by the Jakobs Corporation!
  • I like dinosaurs – Life huh … finds a way.
  • Leather – A though leather finish.
  • Maliwan –  You are now sponsored by the Maliwan Corporation … wait what?
  • Plaid – So warm and fuzzy
  • Roadkill – Look at this beauty, just like new! Wait, is that blood?
  • Skag – We love Skags. Don’t you?
  • Stealth –  For stealthy night operations. Not sure how it works with all these explosives.
  • Thunderbird – Instead of soaring through the sky, you will ram through skags.
  • Torgue – You are now sponsored by the Torgue Corporation!
  • Vaughn’s – Vaughn is serious with this Sunsmasher business.
  • Vladof – You are now sponsored by the Vladof Corporation!
  • Woodland Camo – Ideal for chasing those pesky CoVs on Pandora.

If you think that this is it, nope, I have spotted more vehicle parts in the Borderlands 3 E3 Trailer. So expect a lot more coming your way!

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