Borderlands 3 Crew Challenges

Learn more about the individual crew challenges that you can encounter in Borderlands 3. Find out what you need to do in order to complete these.
Borderlands 3 Crew Challenges
Borderlands 3 Crew Challenges

In Borderlands 3 you can get crew challenges, these are additional objectives you can do throughout the game. These challenges are given to you by the various crew members that are onboard the spaceship Sanctuary 3. I got to experience this during the Borderlands 3 Gameplay reveal event. During E3 2019 the Gearbox Developers gave out a bit more details. In previous Borderlands games, these challenges would be considered as a side quest, now these are sprinkled throughout the locations you can visit. You don’t have to specifically accept each challenge when you are near one of these objectives the corresponding NPC (non-playable character) will notify you on the EchoCast.

Tannis Crew Challenges

Patricia Tannis is an archeologist, she is fascinated by the history of the vaults. Tannis will ask you to find out everything that you can about Typhon Deleon, the first vault hunter. Throughout the game, you can find information poles. These will have a T symbol on them. Each of the info poles contains an audio log which will provide you with a nice lore nugget. if you located all of the poles In the meridian metroplex on Promethea, then Tannis is able to locate a secret treasure chest containing gear from the first vault hunter.

Moxxi Crew Challenges

Miss mad Moxxi isn’t just a lady who runs a bar throughout the Borderlands series, she also has a few hidden talents. In Borderlands the Pre-Sequel she helped you out by tapping into a secured transmission. In Borderlands 3 the main antagonists, Troy and Tyreen, are also broadcasting their propaganda throughout the game. Moxxi wants you to take down their beacons and replace them with those of the crimson raiders.

Claptrap Crew Challenge

Claptrap is the last robot of his kind and he is feeling lonely. So he sets you out on a mighty quest to obtain spare parts from fallen claptrap units. That way he can build himself a lady friend. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out into a miss Frankenstein.

BL3 Launch Screenshots Claptrap

Hey Recruit, Follow General Claptrap in his quest for a lady friend.

Zero Crew Challenges

Zero the assassin was one of the playable characters in Borderlands 2. Now he is allegiance lies with the Atlas corporation. Zero will assign you special targets that you need to take out. These badasses are like hidden mini-bosses that you can encounter throughout the game.

Ellie Crew Challenges

Due to events in Tales from the Borderlands, Ellie is now in charge of the Catch-a-Ride stations. By hijacking enemy vehicles you can collect various hidden vehicle parts. Ellie will help you scan these new vehicles parts. Now you can digi-struct your personalized vehicle with your own custom weapons set, armor, tires, skin, and more.

Sir Hammerlock Challenges

Sir Hammerlock wants you to hunt for exotic wildlife. If you manage to kill an interesting specimen you will be able to decorate Hammerlock’s room with the heads of these magnificent creatures.

Other Crew Challenges

As it stands now each of the main NPCs onboard Sanctuary III have some kind of task for you. During the tour that Randy Pitchford and Paul Sage gave at the Borderlands 3 reveal event, you could spot a few more familiar faces. During the presentation at the Gameplay Reveal Event, we got a tour of Sanctuary 3 and you could spot a few more crew members. So if we go and speculate a bit and see if we can come up with crew challenges for them.

Will Maya send us out to find lost Eridian artifacts that are scattered around the universe in search of truth and knowledge about the vaults and the siren connection? We have seen these Eridian runes in the gameplay and trailers. There is one behind Tannis when we visit her on Sanctuary 3. Also, the Eden-6 gameplay from E3 2019 shows a hidden Eridian artifact.

Maybe  Marcus will ask you to supply unique weaponry for this “Anonymous” client of his who is a private weapons collector?

To throw a weird one in the mix, The golden chest, will we be able to get quests from it? Before you call me crazy, the DEVs have mentioned during E3 that they will be doing something different with the golden chest and shift codes this time around. Throwing in a random unique mission into the mix could keep players engaged for a longer time. This might work as an end game thing. However, farming these quests would be a pain and not much fun.

Then we have crazy earl, what’s up with him? We won’t be getting storage deck upgrades from him this time. So what does he want? We going to need to pay him with Eridium again as it says that above his door. And what is that vending machine next to his door, Veteran Rewards, is this something that comes in place in the end game like the guardian rank?

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