Borderlands 3 Farmable Bosses and Their Legendary Drop Guide

Bosses and Loot Pools

Like in previous Borderlands games, the Bosses in Borderlands 3 also have a unique legendary item assigned to them. Since Bosses respawn, they are farmable. The great thing about Borderlands 3 is that there is a checkpoint before each boss. This makes farming bosses less tedious as you can spawn just outside their doorstep when you want to defeat that boss again. Just simply go in the menu, save&quit, and hop back into the game. That checkpoint will now function as a spawn point. So you don’t have to run through entire dungeons anymore in order to farm bosses.

Lootpool Update

Due to community feedback Gearbox Software assigned more legendary items to Bosses and Named Enemies. Before the update, these items could only be randomly obtained through world drops.

Unique Legendary Boss Drops

Below you will find a quick overview of all the boss drops. As soon as I have all the individual pages up of all the specific items I’ll link to them. I’m currently working on a complete overview of all the legendary items.

Story Bosses

  • Mouthpiece
    • Planet: Pandora
    • Location: Ascension Bluff
    • Mouthpiece exclusively drops the Mindkiller, Get ready to drop your enemies as this Shotgun shoots Dubstep projectiles.
    • Additional Legendary Drop: Nemesis
  • Gigamand
    • Planet: Promethea
    • Location: Meridian Metroplex
    • Gigamand exclusively drops the Smart Gun XXL, When you throw this Tediore SMG it will have legs and a brain.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Hellshock, Red Card.
  • Warden
    • Planet: Eden-6
    • Location: The Anvil
    • Warden exclusively drops the Freeman, Take control with this Rocket Launcher as you can guide the missiles yourself.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Wagon Wheel, Sickle.
  • GenIVIV
    • Planet: Eden-6
    • Location: Voracious Canopy
    • GenIVIV exclusively drops the Messy Breakup, This shield will spawn drones that will support you during battle.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Polybius, Ten Gallon, Hunter-Seeker.
  • Aurelia
    • Planet: Eden-6
    • Location: Blackbarrel Cellars
    • Aurelia exclusively drops the Frozen Heart, This shield will create a cryo nova that will freeze your opponents and steals there health.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Juliet’s Dazzle, Widowmaker.
  • The Graveward
    • Planet: Eden-6
    • Location: The Floating Tomb
    • The Graveward exclusively drops the Grave, Artifact that gives bonuses as your health gets lower, increased FFYL duration, also drops Ward, Shield that buffs stats when your shield is depleted (great melee shield usually).
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Moxxi’s Endowment, The Lob.
  • Agonizer 9000 / Pain & Terror
  • Troy Calypso
  • Tyreen Calypso
    • Planet: Pandora
    • Location: Destroyer’s Rift
    • Tyreen Calypso exclusively drops the King’s Call and Queen’s Call, Critical hits with this Pistol will split the bullet into 3 projectiles that will ricochet to the nearest target.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Bitch, Otto Idol.
Mouthpiece Boss Fight - Borderlands 3

Mouthpiece Boss Fight – Borderlands 3

Side Mission Bosses

  • Killavolt
  • Private Beans
    • Athenas Side Mission
    • Private Beans exclusively drops the Westergun, This Maliwan SMG will fires energy projectiles without charging.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Trevonator, Front Loader.

Rare Spawn Drops

  • Road Dog
  • Tarantella
    • Location: Pandora Splinterlands  – Location Video
    • Tarantella exclusively drops the Hive, This Rocket Launcher will shoot a Hive that will spit out mini-missiles.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Roisen’s Thorns, Re-Router.
  • Captain Thunk and Sloth
    • Location: Pandora, Konrad’s Hold  – Location Video
    • Captain Thunk and Sloth exclusively drop the It’s Piss, a grenade that clears ally status effects and causes enemies to take more damage.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Bangarang XL, Fastball.
  • Rakkman
    • Location: Pandora, Carnivora  – Location Video
    • Rakkman exclusively drops the Night Flyer, Pistol that leaves enemies at one health, fully auto when airborne.
  • Borman Nates
    • Location: Promethea, Meridian Outskirts  – Location Video
    • Borman Nates exclusively drops the Psycho Stabber, Pistol with 120% Melee damage that shoots daggers.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Cutsman, Sawbar.
  • Dinkeblot
    • Location: Promethea, Skywell-27  – Location Video
    • Dinkeblot exclusively drops a Loot-o-gram you give to Earl that has a chance to turn into a random legendary.
  • Wick and Worty
    • Location: Promethea, Lectra City  – Location Video
    • Wick and Worty exclusively drops the Phebert, Sniper Shotgun, that consumes two ammo per shot.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: AAA, Black Hole, Quasar.
  • Urist McEnforcer
    • Location: Promethea, Lectra City  – Location Video
    • Urist McEnforcer exclusively drops the Crossbow, Sniper that shoots crossbow bolts.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Rough Rider, Re-Charger.
  • One Punch
    • Location: Promethea, Lectra City  – Location Video
    • One Punch exclusively drops the One-Pump Chump, Shotgun with one round and massive damage.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Sleeping Giant
  • Maxitrillion
    • Location: Eden 6, Voracious Canopy  – Location Video
    • Maxitrillion exclusively drops The Horizon, Shotgun that creates bouncing hologram target that explodes when shot.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: ASMD
  • El Dragon Jr
  • The Unstoppable
    • Location: Eden 6, Ambermire  – Location Video
    • The Unstoppable exclusively drops the Band of Sytorak, Shield with weapon bonuses when depleted and higher max health.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Big Boom Blaster, Devastator.
Pandora Screenshot Rakk - Borderlands 3

Pandora Screenshot Rakk – Borderlands 3

Hammerlock’s Crew Challenge Drops

  • Crawly Family
  • Skrakk
    • Location: Pandora, Ascension Bluff – Location Video
    • Skrakk exclusively drops the SkekSil, Pistol with seven round burst that also shoots energy balls.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Barrage
  • Hot Karl
    • Location: Pandora, Devil’s Razor – Location Video
    • Hot Karl exclusively drops the Sledge’s Shotgun, Shotgun with huge mag and double burst fire.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Embrace the Pain, Pain is Power, The Companion.
  • Phoenix
  • Manvark
    • Location: Pandora, Konrad’s Hold – Location Video
    • Manvark exclusively drops the Headsplosion, Sniper with explosive rounds and 3 ricochets.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Flakker, Try-Bolt.
  • Chupacabratch
    • Location: Athenas – Location Video
    • Chupacabratch exclusively drops the Chupa’s Organ, Grenade that life steals through shields.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Hornet, Nagata.

Zero’s Crew Challange Drops

  • Baron Noggin
    • Location: Promethea, Meridian Metroplex  – Location Video
    • Baron Noggin exclusively drops the EMP, Grenade that destroys shields.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Superball
  • Handsome Jackie
    • Location: Promethea, Skywell-27 – Location Video
    • Handsome Jackie exclusively drops the Nimble Jack, Shotgun with good airborne accuracy, one shot.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Face-puncher, Handsome Jackhammer.
  • Judge Hightower
  • Heckle and Hyde
    • Location: Eden 6, Jakob’s Estate – Location Video
    • Heckle and Hyde exclusively drops the Pestilence, Pistol that shoots radiation rounds very fast.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Alchemist, Bearcat.
  • Psychobillies
    • Location: Eden 6, Ambermire – Location Video
    • The Psychobillies exclusively drops the Electric Banjo, Artifact with 20% chance for chain lightning on a shot.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Kaos, Breeder, Devils Foursum, Echo.
  • Sky Bullies
    • Location: Eden 6, The Anvil – Location Video
    • The Sky Bullies exclusively drop the Shooting Star, Shield that when depleted turns melee into a projectile.
    • Additional Legendary Drops: Hex, Rebel Yell.

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