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How to Prepare for the Guardian Takedown – Borderlands 3

In this Borderlands 3 Guide, I'll tell you what you can do to prepare for the upcoming Guardian Takedown.
Borderlands 3 Takedown at the Guardian Breach
Borderlands 3 Takedown at the Guardian Breach

Takedown at the Guardian Breach

A new takedown is coming to Borderlands 3 and it’s focused on the Eridian Guardians. In the Takedown at the Guardian Breach, you will face off against tough enemies as Gearbox Software wants to challenge you with this end game content. Besides having to fight your way through this gauntlet there will be some platforming and puzzling. In this Guardian Takedown Guide, I’m going to tell you how you can prepare for this challenge. Takedown at the Guardian Breach will be released on June 4, 2020, as a free content update.

Table of Content

  • Weapon Guide – What type of weapons to use
  • Weapons to Farm
  • Anoints
  • Enemies

Weapons Guide

Takedown at the Guardian Breach is end game content that is designed to challenge you. Therefore, you want to equip the best gear and have a good character build. There are weapons that currently define the meta of Borderlands 3. It’s a good idea to farm for these, however, as the developers mentioned. They are going to fine-tune Mayhem Mode 2.0 and adjust some of the legendary items in the game. Therefore, I think it’s a good idea to not just rely on that one overpowered weapon.

The health bar of a Guardian consists typically of a large shield. Therefore, they are weak against the shock element. Shock deals 200% damage in normal mode and 250% damage in TVHM against shields. It causes targets to be electrocuted which will deal very high damage over a 3-second duration. This way you can strip through those shields. I already compiled a list with the best shock weapons in preparation for the Guardian Takedown. That said, Guardians can spawn with armor that’s why it’s a good idea to also have good corrosive weapons in your inventory. Don’t use your shock weapons against these yellow Armor health bars as your damage will be reduced to 80% in normal mode and 65% in TVHM. Corrosive weapons deal 150% (Normal) and 175% (TVHM) damage against armor. You can also use Cryo against Armor but it will do 25% less damage then Corrosive. Want to learn more about elemental damage then check out this elemental damage guide.

Weapons to Farm

You are going to need guns, LOTS OF GUNS! (But not too much or else you cannot pick up the new items that come with the Guardian Takedown)

Revenge of the Cartels Legendaries

The Revenge of the Cartels is a limited time even and has a lot of exclusive legendary items. Therefore, you need to hurry if you want to pick up these items. Because when the Guardian Takedown is released the Seasonal event will end.

  • YellowCake
    • The YellowCake defines the current meta when it comes to best weapons in Borderlands 3.
  • O.P.Q. System
    • The O.P.Q. System is a very powerful Atlas Assault Rilfe. Because it can also deal shock damage this will be useful for the Takedown.
  •  Fish Slap
    • The Fish Slap is a unique legendary grenade made by Pangolin. It’s great because it deals melee damage. While melee currently doesn’t scale well with the Mayhem Levels, Gearbox is going to fix that. Therefore, this grenade will be more powerful but the interesting thing is that you can combine this grenade with other abilities. There are artifacts that give you bonuses, like ammo regen, when dealing melee damage.

Mayhem 6 Legendaries

With the arrival of Mayhem 2.0, Gearbox Software added Mayhem 6 legendary items. You can only get these when playing on Mayhem Level 6 or higher. Playing on the higher difficulty tiers can be challenging but with these weapons in your arsenal, things will become easier.

  • Sand Hawk
    • The Sand Hawk is a powerful sniper rifle that acts like an SMG. It’s one of the best sniper rifles in the game and because you can get in various elements, like shock & corrosive, this will wreck those Guardians.
  • Monarch
    • The Monarch is a Shotgun Assault Rifle. Just like the Dictator it comes with a bi-pod mode that gives you even more firepower. The Monarch also comes in Shock and Corrosive.
  • BackBurner
    • The BackBurner is a great rocket launcher that’s great for mobbing and the good thing is that it even comes with the shock element.
  • Plaguebearer
    • The Plaguebearer is an awesome rocket launcher like the Scourge. This one would be good for bossing.
  • Kaoson
    • The Kaoson a dahl SMG that shoots stickies like a Torgue weapon. Therefore, dealing great damage and the best thing is it can come in multiple elements.
  • Reflux
    • The Reflux is basically a corrosive Brainstormer as it creates a corrosive beam between enemies when you shoot them. The base damage is a lot higher although corrosive isn’t as effective against shields.

Other Legendaries

While the weapons mentioned above will outperform most of the items on this list. These are still pretty good and worth considering. While some of them lack the punch on the higher Mayhem Levels, Gearbox Software is going to adjust the higher mayhem levels to make enemies less of a bullet sponge.

  • The Lob
    • The Lob became very effective with the buff it received.
  • Hellshock
    • The Hellshock has the ability to put out a lot of shock damage at a very fast fire rate.
  • Cutsman
    • The Cutsman was the OP weapon before the Lob got buffed. That said the Cutsman is still able to put out good damage.
  • Sickle
    • In this case you want a Boom Sickle with the shock element. The Boom prefix is the best variant of this legendary Vladof Assault Rifle. Just like The Monarch it acts like a Shotgun. You want to use the Sickle over the Monarch if Mayhem 6 is to difficult.
  • Brainstormer
    • The Brainstormer is my top pick for best shock weapon for mobbing. During the Takedown you will be encountering a lot of enemies. The Brainstormer will be good for stripping multiple shields at the same time.
  • Electric Banjo
    • The Electric Banjo is the only artifact in this list. But it basically gives you the power of the brainstormer on every weapon.
  • HEX
    • The Hex is still one of the best legendary grenade mods in the game. Since it is a homing grenade and it comes with the shock element it’s an ideal item for taking on shield focussed enemies. If you want a good alternative, then check out the Storm Front.

Honorable Mentions

These legendary weapons are great for mobbing overall. The Conference Call, the Hyperfocus, and the Kill-o’-the-Wisp (stripping shields).


Having quality anoints on your gear really helps out in the end game content. Some of the new anoints can really help you out. Go for anoints that compliment your build or specific Vault Hunter. Farming for Gear on the higher Mayhem Levels increases your chance of getting anointed gear. At Mayhem Level 10 you have a 100% chance of gear being anointed.

  • Gain 300% increased Weapon Damage against enemies above 90% Health.
    • This is a popular one and it really helps with enemies that have multiple life bars as you will be dealing 300% damage first (two) life bar(s).
  • While under 50% health, deal 150% bonus radiation damage.”
    • You can run this anoint, as this doesn’t suffer against shields. In TVHM, Radiation actually deals 150% damage against shields.
  • “On action skill start/active”
    • These anoints sound great but they lose their buff when switching weapons, so I can’t recommend those for now. With Zane you already need to keep your SNTNL Cryo anoint as it is multiplicative instead of additive.
  • “While mid-air”
    • These can be interesting because the Guardian Takedown has low gravity, you can get more mileage out of these.
  • “On Action Skill End, The next 2 magazines will have a 50% additional bonus Shock damage.”
    • Being able to deal more damage is always great. This anoint is really good for Moze running an infinite ammo build as the buff stays active.
  • “On Grenade Thrown, Weapon, Grenade, and Action Skill Damage are increased by 25% for 6 seconds.”
    • This is an easy to trigger anoint that increases your damage. I love this on my Zane as my SNTNL and Clone “constantly” throw grenades to trigger the effect.
  • “Consecutive Hits increase Weapon Damage by 1% per hit, misses remove all bonuses.”
    • We are dealing with end game content here. You will be shooting non-stop during a Takedown therefore you can really stack up this consecutive hit bonus.
Borderlands 3 - Guardian Takedown - Screenshot

Borderlands 3 – Guardian Takedown – Screenshot


Throughout the Takedown at the Guardian Breach, you will be encountering a lot of Eridian Guardians (duh). They are pretty fast-moving enemies. While they don’t shoot bullets they can have ranged attacks. When they die they can release a soul that can possess an ally which makes them stronger. Therefore, you want to shoot the soul before it upgrades the enemy. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the Guardian Minibosses are more common during this Takedown. In the gameplay presentation, we have already spotted new Guardian types. One of them creates this massive area-of-attack energy field. While you can also spot multiple fire pillars that are summoned from the ground. I don’t think we will be seeing Elder types of the guardian enemies as these are just slower versions of the enemy. Gearbox added these in boss fights to gain a second win.

  • Spectre
    • Melee Focused.
    • Possessed Spectres gains armor, the ability to recharge their shields at will, and a new move set.
  • Wraith
    • Ranged but will Melee at close range.
    • Possessed Wraiths gains armor, the ability to recharge their shields at will, and a new move set.
  • Sera
    • Aerial ranged enemy
    • Possessed Sera gains armor, the ability to recharge their shields at will, and a new move set.
  • Herald
    • Ranged units, similar to Wraiths.
  • The Berserker
    • Unique Guardian miniboss
    • Close and Medium range
    • The Berserker has an armor health bar as well as the normal guardian shield health
    • The Berserker cannot be possessed by souls.
  • The Summoner
    • Unique Guardian miniboss
    • Will summon souls to buff other Guardians.

Gameplay Analysis

During episode 7 of the Borderlands show, we got our first glimpse of Takedown at the Guardian Breach. We saw a lot of Eridian enemies one of the bigger ones created these large area-of-effect bubbles. For a brief moment the player walks into one of them. The Vault Hunter takes radiation damage from this attack. You could farm for the Red Suit. This legendary shield makes you immune to Radiation. The attack makes me wonder if the Guardian Takedown will feature more radiation attacks.

The player in the presentation uses the Lead Sprinkler, a Hex Grenade, the Rowan’s Call, the Ogre, the Barrage, and the Hyperfocus. Usually, for presentations the developers set up a specific build. This makes me wonder if some of these items are getting buffed with the upcoming patch.

  • Rowan’s Call
    • With the Rowan’s Call, 2 bullets will ricochet when scoring a critical hit. Great for mobbing but this weapon isn’t S-tier
  • Hyperfocus
    • With the Hyperfocus, projectiles will shoot out on hitting a target. Great for mobbing.
  • Lead Sprinkler
    • With the Lead Sprinkler, projectiles will fall next to the target dealing splash damage. Great for mobbing but this isn’t’ a top tier end game weapon.
  • HEX
    • The HEX Grenade is a solid choice, however, in this play session it’s Cryo instead of Shock. Not ideal for Shields but it does perform on Armor.
  • Ogre
    • While I like the Ogre for what it is. The gun doesn’t really perform all that well. I’m curious why they picked this weapon. This screams incoming buff to me.
  • The Barrage
    • The Barrage is a solid Dahl SMG. But wouldn’t be my pick to bring into the Guardian Takedown at its current state.


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