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Borderlands 3: Mayhem Scaling Explained

Borderlands 3 Mayhem Scaling
How does Mayhem Scaling work in Borderladns 3

There are some abilities and skills in Borderlands 3 that receive mayhem scaling to increase their effectiveness in Mayhem Mode. Your character’s abilities like your Action Skill, Melee, Slide, and Slam get buffed but some of those multipliers translate to some passive skills.

Shield damage from sources such as Spike and Nova also scales based on the Mayhem level. This includes some special abilities such as the aura of Ember’s Blaze and the projectile of the Shooting Star.

Pet and Companion Mayhem Scaling

Your Pets and Companions get buffed when playing in Mayhem Mode

Mayhem LevelPets HealthPet DamageCompanions

Damage Mayhem Scaling

Mayhem LevelAction SkillMeleeSlide/SlamPassiveGear

Character Skill Mayhem Scaling

Which Borderlands 3 Skill Receive Mayhem Scaling? Here is an overview of all the passive skills that get boosted in Mayhem Mode, they are sorted by character.


Phaseslam, Phasecast, Phaseflare, and all Phasegrasp augments receive action skill scaling.

Amara has several elemental and melee-related skills that receive Mayhem Scaling.

RemnantMystical AssaultKilling an enemy with your Gun or Action Skill creates a homing Orb that explodes on enemy impact, dealing <Element> Area Skill Damage. The Orb receives Overkill Damage.
Do unto OthersBrawlTaking enemy damage causes you to send out an energy orb at the attacker, dealing <Element> Area Damage.
Cooldown: 8s
RevelationBrawlDealing Action Skill – Skill Damage or Grasping a target creates a Nova that deals <Element> Area Skill Damage to nearby enemies.
Each time only one Nova can trigger per enemy.
Skill Damage: -15%
SustainmentFist of the ElementsDealing direct Elemental Damage heals you.
ConfluxFist of the ElementsApplying a Status Effect has a chance to apply an extra Fire, Shock, or Corrosive Status Effect to the enemy.
CatharsisFist of the ElementsYour bullets have a chance to ricochet off enemies toward other enemies at reduced damage.
Enemies affected by Phasegrasp or Stillness of Mind have increased Chance and Damage.
‍Ricochet Damage: -50%
Grasped: Ricochet Damage: -25%
IndiscriminateFist of the ElementsYour bullets have a chance to ricochet off enemies towards other enemies at reduced damage.
Enemies affected by Phasegrasp or Stillness of Mind have increased Chance and Damage.
‍Ricochet Damage: -50%
Grasped: Ricochet Damage: -25%
Ebb and FlowEnlightened ForceGetting a Melee Damage kill restores Health based on the killing blow Damage.
Free the SoulEnlightened ForceKilling a frozen enemy, sends out 2 homing splinters at an enemy, dealing Cryo Area Skill Damage.
Cooldown: 3s
Unweave the RainbowEnlightened ForceDealing Melee or Area Damage to a frozen target adds extra <Element> Skill Damage.
Body and MindEnlightened ForceKilling an enemy adds extra <Element> Area Skill Damage to your Melee Damage for a short time.
Duration: 12s


All of FL4K‘s pets, a few pet-related skills, Rakk Attack, and Gamma Burst’s initial explosion receive Mayhem Scaling.

Guard SkagMasterYou are joined by a Skag Companion.
Issuing an Attack Command, causes the Skag to vomit acid onto enemies.
Increases your Damage dealt.
Damage: +5%
Jabber SidekickStalkerYou are joined by a Jabber Companion with a Pistol.
Issuing an Attack Command, causes the Jabber to throw a Radiation Barrel at an enemy.
Increases your Movement Speed.
Move Speed: +5%
Spiderant CenturionHunterYou are joined by a Spiderant Companion.
Issuing an Attack Command, causes the Spiderant to charge into enemies.
You gain passive Health Regeneration.
Max-Health Regen/s: +1%
ION LoaderTrapperYou are joined by an ION Loader Companion with a Shock Sniper and homing Shock Orbs that when shot create a Shock Nova.
Issuing an Attack Command, causes the ION Loader to fire a laser beam.
Due to an in-game bug, you take increased Elemental Damage.
Elemental Damage taken: +30%
Success ImminentTrapperWhen your or your pet’s Shield breaks or fills up, both of you create a Nova, dealing Radiation Area Skill Damage.‍
Cooldown: 3s
Lethal Force AuthorizedTrapperReduces your Pet’s Respawn Time.
When your Loader Pet would enter Fight For Your Life, it instead turns into an EXP Loader.
The EXP Loader charges at an enemy and self-destructs, dealing Fire Area Pet Damage in a large radius.
Pet Respawn Time: -33.3%


All of Iron Bear’s weapons receive action skill scaling on top of that Moze receives Mayhem Scaling on some of their skills that have elemental damage.

Fire in the Skag DenDemolition WomanYour Area Damage deals extra Fire Skill Damage.
Short FuseDemolition WomanDealing Gun Damage has a chance to trigger an Explosion, dealing Physical Area Damage.
This can only trigger once per shot.
Chance: 20% per projectile
‍Damage: 50% of projectile
Big SurplusBear MotherWhile your Action Skill is on Cooldown, all Damage you deal does extra Fire Skill Damage.
Baby NukesBear MotherOn Action Skill Start and End, Iron Cub creates a large explosion, dealing Radiation Area Skill Damage.


SNTL and Digi-clone get Action Skill Scaling and on top of that, Zane has 3 skills that create a Nova/Explosion that receive Mayhem Scaling.

Best Served ColdUnder CoverKilling an enemy creates a Nova on you, dealing Cryo Area Skill Damage.
Cooldown: 3s
DoppelbangerDoubled AgentHold [action-skill] to end Digi-Clone early.
When Digi-Clone ends he explodes, dealing Physical Area Skill Damage.
The longer he was active, the lower the damage.
Binary SystemDoubled AgentSwapping places with Clone creates a Cryo Nova on both of you, dealing Cryo Area Skill Damage.
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