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Best, Easiest, and Fastest Ways to Farm Money in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Money Guide
Borderlands 3 Money Guide

Money plays a bigger role in Borderlands 3 than in previous games because several things in Borderlands 3’s End Game now require money instead of Eridium. So if you want to obtain all the Storage Deck Upgrades (SDUs) from Marcus or purchase Legendary Weapons from Maurice, you are going to need a lot of cash!

You can obtain money by simply playing the game. You can get it by completing quests, selling loot, finding it in any lootable object, and enemies can drop it, however, simply playing through the game isn’t the most effective way to get rich. Therefore, we do what gamers do and find the most efficient way to get money. Here is my guide to get money the fast and easy way!

Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Money

Increasing Mayhem Mode = Increasing Money

Mayhem Mode allows you not only to increase the difficulty of the game but also the amount of loot you get. Loot can increase up to +2500% and Money increases by up to +200%.

Best Money Farm in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - DLC1 - Jackbot

This is the best money farm in Borderlands 3, however, you will need the Handsome Jackpot DLC for this farm. If you defeat the final boss, Jackbot, you will gain access to the Jackpot’s vault where you can find a ton of money lying around. You can easily get $15 Million per run!

Grenade That’s Making Money

If you purchased the (Super) Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game, you also get the Rubber Cheddar Shredder grenade. This special ability of this legendary grenade mod is that enemies will drop a butt load of cash when damaged by this item.

While other websites recommend this grenade mod, it isn’t the most effective money-making grenade in the game. You want to look out for a Cloning Maddening Tracker-like grenade mod but instead of it having the Divider component, it should have the Money component on it.

1 grenade will turn into 3 grenades on impact, and those 3 grenades will inherit the homing capabilities and then bounce 3 times into a nearby enemy. Each bounce will result in cash drops. If you get a Divider component instead of the MIRV component, that’s also fine but you will have 6 instead of 9 money drops.

HomingThe grenade will fly toward a nearby target.
MIRVGrenades that explode will drop 3 MIRV grenades.
BounceGrenades will bounce and explode 3 times.
MoneyEnemies drop some cash when damaged.

Farm Thieving Enemies

An older trick to get money – used during the early days of Borderlands 3’s release – was farming Thieving Jabbers with a low-level weapon. Thieving Jabbers carry a wooden barrel around which is filled with cash. Each time you shoot the barrel it will drop its currency and here is the trick, the amount of loot is based on each hit rather than the amount of damage you do. So by equipping a low-level weapon, you are able to hit the barrel a ton of times, resulting in massive funds. Here is how you set this trick up;

How to get a low-level weapon?

  1. Play on Normal Mode (not TVHM) and disable Mayhem Mode.
  2. Travel to the tutorial map, Covenant Pass.
  3. Open the 1st chest in the Propaganda Center.
  4. Pick up your LVL1 Pistol

How to find Thieving Jabbers?

Thieving enemies spawn throughout the game. Thieving Jabbers can be found in Ambermire near Red Jabber but there is an area that’s more consistent at spawning Thieving Jabbers. The first area in the Trial of Instinct spawns is also filled with Jabbers and Thieving variations appear commonly.

How to farm Thieving Jabbers?

  1. Find Thieving Jabber
  2. Shoot (and kill) the Jabber with regular bullets as explosions and elemental projectiles can easily destroy the barrel.
  3. Shoot the loot barrel with a low-level weapon
    • Shoot it in a direction so it can’t roll away.
  4. Collect all your coins!
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