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Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact – How to Get it and What Does It Do?

Mysterious Artifact - Borderlands 3 Guide
Mysterious Artifact - Borderlands 3 Guide

Borderlands 3 Mysterious Artifact

Are you wondering what all those question marks on the Mysterious Artifact do or have you heard about this rare item and want to get one for yourself? This Borderlands 3 guide will help you on your way. If you got any other questions about this Mysterious Artifact leave those in the comments below and I’ll answer them.

How to get the Mysterious Artifact in Borderlands 3?

You can obtain the Mysterious Artifact upon completing the final mission in Ava’s Murder Mystery Missions which is part of DLC6, The Director’s Cut. After you beat the final boss, there will be a mysterious chest that contains the item.Mysterious Artifact Location - Borderlands 3 Guide

What does the Mysterious Artifact do in Borderlands 3?

The special effect of the Mysterious Artifact is that it doubles the amount of Eridium you get when picking those up. The artifact also has a 5% chance to reveal Eridium rocks that are hidden throughout the maps.Mysterious Artifact - Borderlands 3 Rare Item

Why use the Mysterious Artifact?

Alongside the release of Borderlands 3 the Director’s Cut, there were some changes to the game’s loot drops and economy. Eridium quickly became a valuable resource because the loot drops were lowered and the anointment on your gear plays a big part in Borderlands 3’s endgame. With Crazy Earl’s new contraption you can reroll the anoints on your gear but this costs Eridium.

Where’s the best place to farm Eridium?

There are various lucrative places where you can farm Eridium. However, it depends on the progress of your playthrough and the DLCs you own. Check out my Eridium farming guide for a complete overview.

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