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Borderlands 3 Unlimited Rocket Launcher Ammo Trick

Unlimited Ammo Guide - Borderlands 3
Unlimited Ammo Guide - Borderlands 3

Need More Ammo

The most powerful legendary rocket launcher in Borderlands 3 is the ION Cannon. The damage output on this weapon is just nuts and it only consumed 1 ammo per shot. Because of that it quickly became the rocket launcher everyone started to use. However, Gearbox Software doesn’t want 1 weapon to rule them all but wants to diversify your choices. They didn’t have any trouble with the sheer amount of damage the ION Cannon can produce, therefore, they increased the weapons ammo consumption. However, now the ION Cannon eats through your heavy ammo and before you know it, you have run out of ammo. Therefore, you want to use this trick.

Vault Hunter Shopping List

With this trick, you are going to use the game’s own mechanics against itself. In order to use this exploit, you will need 3 things:

  1. A Torgue weapon with sticky mode (Bangstick)
  2. A Shield with Absorb component (Big Boom Blaster)
  3. A Badass Rocket Launcher

Unlimited Ammo Guide

If you have all the things listed above on the Vault Hunter shopping list then you are ready to go. Go into your echo menu and equip all these items onto your Vault Hunter. Once you have done that go out of the menu. Select the Torgue weapon and set the alternative firing mode to “Sticky”. Shoot these projectiles at your own feet. Quickly swap to the rocket launcher. As soon as you do this all the sticky projectiles will start to explode. Because your Shield has an Absorb component it will convert the explosions to heavy ammo for your rocket launcher. This way you can easily refill your rocket launcher ammo. However, keep in mind that you are doing soft damage to yourself. Don’t blow yourself up this way.

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