Borderlands 3 Weapon Tier List

Borderlands 3 Weapon Tier List
Borderlands 3 Weapon Tier List

Best Legendary Weapons List

In this article, I’m ranking every legendary weapon in Borderlands 3 that way you know what the strongest weapons are in the game. Because everyone wants to know which guns they should use and which ones they need to trash.

  • S-Tier Weapons: These guns are the best of the best and will work on any character.
  • Weapon Build: Some guns perform better with a certain character or need a specific build to be viable on the higher Mayhem Levels.
  • Zane: He can rock any weapon because he is just insanely good. However, he really shines with single pellet weapons. Because of his skill ‘Playing Dirty’, he can basically double the damage output.
  • FL4K: Is really good with multi-pallet weapons like shotguns.  Because the skill ‘Megavore’ can turn body shots into critical hits.
  • Moze: Can really utilize splash damage weapons by cranking up the damage to 11.
  • Amara: Can really shine with elemental damage but playing end-game you probably are already matching the correct elemental damage types to each enemy, unless you use some of the overpowered S-Tier weapons.

This Borderlands 3 weapon tier list is subject to change.  Gearbox Software often pushes out hotfixes that adjust a weapon’s performance.

End-Game Builds

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