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How to use the Grinder in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Grinder
Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Grinder

What is the Grinder?

One of the new mechanics in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is a new type of vending machine called the Grinder. This crafting machinery adds more player choice to the game.

Normally if you had crappy loot you would throw it away or you would sell it, maybe you could make your co-op buddy happy with your previous gear. Now there is a new thing in town, the Grinder, and as the name states it grinds up your old loot.

This is how it works, the grinder is something like a slot machine, you can put in 3 weapons and the Grinder will make a whole new weapon with it. This can just be something different or maybe it will produce a better gun. Put in 3 common green rifles and get a unique blue assault rifle, but like all things in borderlands they are random.

You can however boost the odds in your favor and pay a bit of Moonstones, a rare currency on Elpis. This way you can boost the outcome of the weapon the grinder produces. One extra bonus with paying Luneshine with your grind is that the gun could have a bonus status increase, which is unique to that gun.

But hardcore borderlands 2 players know that not all things are random in the borderlands universe. In the previous game, bosses would have a chance of dropping unique or even legendary items. The Grinder is no exception, there are a few recipes that will produce legendaries.

Where can I find the Grinder?

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Grinder Location
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Grinder Location

After you reach the new hub town in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, Concordia, you will have to finish your mission. As soon as Janey Springs gets back in town you are able to do the side mission ‘the grinder’ (Level 11).

This quest lets you find spare parts on Elpis to rebuild the grinder that is present in Concordia. Once you rebuild the grinder you will be able to finish the mission by giving it a try, Janey will provide 3 common guns.

Luneshine buffs with the Grinder?

If you do a moonstone grind you are not only able to boost the outcome of the item you get out of the grinder by making it a more uncommon item, but it can also receive a Luneshine buff. These little increases are specifically for that weapon only.

The skin of the gun will have a glowing pattern on it to indicate that the weapon carries a special boost. The following Luneshine buffs are present in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.

  • Boominator: +5% grenade damage
  • Fast Learner: +XP from kills
  • Harden Up: +3% maximum shield capacity
  • Oxygenator: +1 O2 unit after damaging an enemy
  • Piercing Rounds: +30% chance to ignore shields
  • Punisher: +10% critical damage
  • Safe Guard: +3% capacity added to shields on kill
  • Serenity: -20% O2 consumption rate

The Grinder Recipes?

  • 3 of the same type of weapons will result in a new weapon of that type (Pistol + Pistol + Pistol = Pistol).
  • Pistol + Assault Rifle + Shield = SMG
  • Pistol + SMG + Shield = Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle + Shotgun + Shield = Sniper
  • Grenade Mod + 2 Random Weapons = Rocket Launcher

How to grind legendary weapons?

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Grinder Legendary
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Grinder Legendary

2 Legendaries + 1 Purple = Legendary based on the Purple weapon type.

There is a small chance of getting a purple with this recipe, however, if you can make it a Luneshine grind for a “guaranteed” result and also get a chance of getting a Luneshine buff.

Grind Glitch Weapons

Glitched Hyperion SMG
Glitched Hyperion SMG

The glitch weapons are unique and can only be used with themselves in the Grider. They can’t be mixed so as to get the desired type of weapon. No matter what combination is used, they always generate a Random Weapon. Also, you can’t use moonstones on Glitched Weapons.

This means that they will always behave like this: [ Any Gun 1 ] + [ Any Gun 2 ] + [ Any Gun 3 ] = [ Random Weapon ].


  • Input class mods may be for any class, including multiple classes per grind (for example; two Claptrap mods and one Athena mod). The only requirement is that they have the same rarity. The class mod produced will usually – but not always – be of the type usable by the current character.
  • As of the 1.0.2 update, it is possible to obtain the Excalibastard from a Grinder recipe.
  • Some varieties of purple cryo shields with Maliwan parts may be treated as legendary ones.
  • A Compatibility Pack released on November 11th, 2014 added the ability to grind three purple items together, and added recipes for legendary grenade mods, shields, and Oz kits, as well as an extra legendary weapon recipe. The next Compatibility Pack (released on January 27, 2015) permitted players to perform Moonstone grinds with recipes using three purple items, though there was a fatal glitch at the time of release that usually resulted in the game crashing whenever three purple items were put into the Grinder. The subsequent compatibility pack released alongside Claptastic Voyage removed the ability to perform Moonstone grinds on all purple item recipes excluding class mods.
  • Although Concordia’s Grinder is intended to only be usable after completing the mission Grinders for Janey Springs, during True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, it is possible to use the Grinder before this mission becomes available or is accepted from her. To do so, the current character must step very close to the Grinder (almost touching it) and be looking at either side of the center input device. The Grinder added in Claptastic Voyage is always properly operable, as there is no required mission to fix it.
    • If the Grinders mission is accepted during True or Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, the Grinder will become unusable until the mission runs its normal course, and will be properly usable after its completion.
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