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Fastest way to get to max Chaos Level in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

How to quicky get to the max Chaos Level in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
How to quicky get to the max Chaos Level in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

In order to get the best Chaos Gear in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you want to quickly level up your Chaos Level so that your Loot Luck and Chaos Gear drop rates increase. So once you completed the main story campaign, you can access the Chaos Chambers. When you talk to the Dragon Lord you want to select “Chaos Trials” and progress through the levels. You need to successfully complete a run in order to unlock the next Chaos Difficulty Level. Here are a few things that you can do to quickly execute the Chaos Trials.

How to quickly level up your Chaos Level

  • Get a Good Build

    Chaos Trials are there to test your skills, therefore, you will need to have a quality build. So make sure you have an optimal setup and invest your points in the right skill points.

  • Avoid the Dragon Lord Portal

    At the end of each room in the Chaos Chamber. You are presented with 2 portals. Avoid the Dragon Lord Portal as these will add Chaos Curses to your run and make the challenge more difficult.

  • Take advantage of Butt Stallion’s favors

    There is a chance you can get a Butt Stallion Portal at the end of a Chaos Chamber room. These will grant you bonus points for a random skill. This is a good way to temporarily level up your character for that run.

  • Pick up Blessings

    You can find altars with random blessings in each Chaos Chamber room. While these do cost Crystals in order to obtain them, they can be beneficial during your run as your goal is to reach the end of the Chaos Trial and not to maximize your crystals.

  • Avoid the Aspects

    You want to avoid the hidden bosses in the Chaos Chamber as your goal is to quickly progress through the Chaos Trials. A raid boss isn’t helping you with that.

  • Lower Difficulty Setting

    In the main menu, there is a general difficulty setting with 3 options. Relax, Balanced, Intense. A lower setting helps you progress more easily through the game. With the Relax setting, you don’t have to worry as much about matching your elemental damages.

  • Don’t focus on the side objectives

    Side objectives are great for getting more crystals but once again that’s not the point. So avoid feeding the fire sprite, standing in circles, or finishing enemies with melee. Destroying the Dragon Lord Statue is an easy one, so you could do that one but I would skip the others.

  • Max out your loot luck and farm better gear

    Chaos Gear is there to help you get through the Chaos Trials so hopefully, you collected all the Lucky Dice as this is one of the ways to increase your Loot Luck. But also try to climb the Chaos Trials ladder by increasing your Chaos Level to increase your loot luck. Once you start failing your Chaos Trials it’s time to farm and replace your gear with higher Chaos Gear. Kastor, Parasite, and LeChance are great bosses to farm. But you can also set your Chaos Level a bit lower and farm the Featured Run. The Barf Bunnies are a great source for loot and you can vendor farm the Loot Room for Legendaries.

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