FL4K Radiation Sickness Build

Borderlands 3 | Radiation Sickness FL4K Build (Boss/Mob Shredding!) by Joltzdude139

This build for FL4K will focus on Radiation, therefore you will be using the ‘Gamma burst’ action skill and layering radiation gear on top of that. By equipping an ‘elemental projector’ artifact you will deal 90% bonus elemental damage to any element that you are suffering from. By applying radiation damage to yourself by you can trigger this effect on command. Just shoot the ground with a radiation weapon that deals splash damage. You can negate the negative impact of the self-inflicted damage by having the legendary ‘Red Suit’ equipped. This shield has a 100% radiation resistance. This way you can have all the benefits of the 90% bonus damage and don’t kill yourself in the process.

Gear Loadout

  • Radiation Devils Foursum
  • Radiation Sickle
  • Radiation Lyuda
  • Radiation Sureshot
  • Red Suit shield
  • Lingering Radiation Grenade (Blight part)
  • Showboaring Red Fang Class Mod
  • Elemental Projector Artifact

Skill Tree

FL4K Radiation Sickness Build SKill Tree - Borderlands 3

FL4K Radiation Sickness Build SKill Tree – Borderlands 3

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