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Do you need some Fortnite building practice? This JustBuild tool is a Fortnite Building Simulator that helps you become better with the building mechanics of Fortnite Battle Royale. This tool will allow you to practice your building skills and we all know that being a good builder makes a difference in Fortnite. So just build without being interrupted by other players or spending a lot of time gathering resources because you got infinite amounts of materials. Practice makes perfect as this is the only way you develop a skill, this tool just lets you do it faster and you will also be a pro in no time. So get started with your advanced forts, now.


Mouse icon stuck in the game and want to leave the simulator, press the [ESC] button to break out of the game.

You can change all the key bindings, for example, to change the key bind for ‘JUMP’

  • Go to the menu by pressing P
  • Click on the key bind that is currently set for the ‘JUMP’ action, as is shown in the preview image below.
  • Change the key bind to the preferred key of your choice.
Fortnite Building Simulator - Key Binding

How do I change the key bindings

*If you want to bind the F buttons, you need to download the PC version

You will need to download the PC version in order to do this.

  • Go to the menu by pressing ‘P’ on the keyboard.
  • Click on the Mouse column
  • For example, if you want to change the key bind for ‘WALL’, just click here as shown in the preview image below.
Fortnite Building Simulator - Mouse Binding

How do I bind building to mouse buttons

If you are a console player and also want to practice your Fornite building skills then you can do so by hooking up your controller of choice.

  • Connect the controller to the PC with data transfer cable.
  • Go to the menu by pressing ‘P’ on the keyboard.
  • If your setup is correctly detected the “Controller” section should be active.
  • Now you can use the “BuilderPro” controlls that you are familiar with in Fortnite.
Fortnite Building Simulator - Connect Controller

Connect your controller with the USB cable

Fortnite Building Simulator - Controller Settings

Controller Settings are now available in the settings menu

  • Go to the settings menu by pressing ‘P’ on the keyboard.
  • Click on the invert button next to “Mouse Vertical” as shown in the image below.
Fortnite Building Simulator - Invert Mouse

Click on the red marked icon to invert your mouse controls.


Default Control Settings

Move: WASD
Turn: Mouse
Jump: Space
Sprint: Left SHIFT
Crough: Left Control
Wall: Z
Floor: X
Ramp: C
Toggle Construction Set: Q
Destroy Nearby Buildings: M
Weapons: 1,2,3,4,5, or 6
Reload: R
Swap between weapons/buildables: Mouse Scroll Wheel

Fortnite Building Practice

One of the key components to being a successful player in Fortnite Battle Royale is your ability to build.  To become good at this you will need practice. Since Epic Games didn’t add a ‘visit the map’ mode where you can run around and get familiar with the mechanics, you have to get good the old fashion way by playing a lot. That is until now because Lior Alterman created a fan-game that contains the same building mechanic as Fortnite. This way you can practice your Fortnite building skills without having to farm for resources. In this practice area, you can build walls, ramps, ceilings, and floors. This way you can gain the skills to ramp rush your opponents in no time.

If you need some pro tips or advice on how to become a Pro Builder, then check out these guides or some of the popular ones below this article.

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  1. First of all, I’d like to say, this simulator/game, is amazing. It helps me build in fortnite,and I love how it works and looks. But, there are some things I would like to say. First, (I hope the creator sees this) but I wish there was spam building. For example, in 1 v 1’s in playground, you build ramps and you turn and you build wall around you, jump, then you continue to build. This game doesn’t do that so I have to click an extra few seconds before I can build my walls around my ramp when 1 v 1 ing. Another thing is, which is not as complicated as my last one, is I hope you can add editing because it helps me in fortnite a lot. I hope the creator of the game sees this. BTW, this game is amazing.

  2. This game is great everything is good except one thing that annoys me when I build. Every time I turbo build the walls and stairs do not place so I have to constantly click my mouse and its very irritating. I hope you can fix this problem.

    • noted

  3. can you add pyramids

  4. cool

  5. plz add pyramids

  6. can u add bots or 1v1 people

    • multiplayer is on the things to do list

  7. Recently , the game has not been loading and it has been going on for the past month

    • The server might be a bit slower due to popular demand of the game

  8. I Wish there is ammedent build for controller players in this game

  9. I can’t get in and play!!!!

    • The game got popular, due to high server demand the game needs to load a bit longer than before.

  10. why did you remove unblocked mode i cant access this when am on school!!!

  11. The creator of the app changes some stuff at his end which i can’t control.

  12. Ummm. Just a Question… Did you add multiplayer mode.
    BTW I LOVE this website because my school has this stupid thing that blocks all the games but I can play this for some reason. Thank you


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