Fortnite - Elemental Weapons Types - Kill it with fire


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Fortnite Guide – How to effectively use Elemental Weapons

Fortnite - Elemental Weapons Types - Kill it with fire

This guide will tell you what elemental types there are in Fortnite, how they work, and which ones you should use against the hordes of enemy Husks.

Once you reached the second map location Plankerton and you will be around power level 30 you will start encountering elemental Husks. There are a few different elemental types Fire, Water, Nature, and Energy. Each of these elemental types will have there own strong and weak points. One element is good in taking out one of the other elements but weak against another. So knowing which elemental type you need to counter your enemy is key for taking down hordes  of Husks.

Elemental Weapon Type Guide

Fortnite Weapon Elemental Types

  • Fire
    • Strong against Nature.
    • Weak to water.
  • Water
    • Strong against Fire.
    • Weak against Nature.
  • Nature
    • Strong against Water.
    • Weak against Fire.
  • Energy
    • Good against  to all elemental types .
    • Weak against none.

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