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Fortnite Guide – How to identify and defeat a Mimic

Fortnite - Loot or Mimic
Fortnite - Loot or Mimic

Getting surprised by Mimic’s while you are trying to collect some sweet loot, then this guide is for your. Recognize and counter those fake loot chests.

Mimic’s are enemy Husks that are disguised as your regular loot chest. They are sitting around the map waiting for you to engage with them. The Mimic’s will attack you once you try opening them up. However there is a clue how you can identify a Mimic. As you  interact with it the chest you will see the chest bounce a little bit when your search gauge is somewhat halfway filled up. If you notice this you can abort the search process and start preparing your defenses. Mimic’s are pretty powerful so you want some distance between from it. You can keep walking backwards but you might end up in another horde of Husks. So this is what you can do, once you identify the Husks you can build some walls near the Mimic to get some protection. Don’t place your walls to close because once the Mimic comes “alive” all your constructs in that tile will be destroyed. So create your obstacles a bit  away from it and when the fight starts get behind your cover and start pumping some bullets into the Mimic.

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