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Fortnite Guide: Trap Overview

With Fortnite, you have the ability to place traps that will help you to defeat the Husks. There are some interesting tricks you can do with these traps. However, for this Guide, we are going to look over the various traps that are available in Fortnite and what they can do. This way you can determent how to effectively use them.

Fortnite Traps Facts

  • The types of traps are based on the surface they attach to:
    • Wall traps
    • Ceiling traps
    • Floor traps
      • (In-Game this also contains the utility items)
  • Traps have a trigger range and an effect range. For the majority for traps this is 1 tile for both. (In this text assume trigger and effect range is 1 unless stated).
  • Traps have a a reload time which is the time between the trap triggers. Some of the bigger traps can take up to 12 seconds between triggers.
  • Traps have durability which is the number of times a trap can trigger.
  • Once a trap has run out of durability it will disappear.
  • Traps cannot be repaired.
  • Traps cannot be removed. You have to remove the surface they are on or wait until their durability has run out.
  • If the wall that a trap is installed on is destroyed by husks, the trap dies too

Fortnite Save the World Traps

Wall Traps

Fortnite Traps - Wall Darts

Wall Darts

  • Wall Trap
  • Has a trigger range of 3 tiles directly in front of it.
  • Can trigger over low walls and pyramids.
  • Great for use in kill tunnels or any areas where you can funnel husks into a straight line, or for additional damage for kill tunnels by adding side walls that fire over wall dynamos on short walls.
  • Wall Darts are one of the few active traps that don’t require Nuts and Bolts to craft. They’re a nice low effort “I want some traps but I don’t want to splurge” trap.

Fortnite Traps - Wall Dynamo

Wall Dynamo

  • Wall Trap
  • High damage trap with long reload time.
  • Can be attached to any height wall.
  • Great for stacking multiple traps in a tile since these can be attached to any size wall.
  • Wall Dynamos have a stun to, not nearly as long as lights, but noticeable if they don’t kill outright (Epic is 0.5 seconds).

Fortnite Traps - Wall Launcher

Wall Launcher

  • Wall Trap
  • Spring loaded wall surface that will launch husks away from the installed direction.
  • Can be used to launch husks off of cliffs (natural or built)
  • Can be used to launch husks into an opposing wall to stun them.
  • Will launch husks 2-3 tile distance unless obstructed.

Fortnite Traps - Wall Lights

Wall Lights

  • Wall Trap
  • Stuns husks for a number of seconds.
  • Great for increasing husk time in kill tiles.
  • Can be placed on a full wall with single middle window, allowing good line of sight through the trap.
  • Unfortunately this trap cannot crit but it will frequently randomize with level up bonuses that increase crit.

Fortnite Traps - Wall Spikes

Wall Spikes

  • Wall Trap
  • Can be attached to any height wall.
  • Requires that a husk hit it to trigger.
  • Has a low reload time, but not low enough to guarantee that all husks hitting it will take damage if multiple husks are hitting it.
  • Difficult to use well.

Ceiling Traps

Fortnite Traps - Ceiling Electric Field

Ceiling Electric Field

  • Ceiling Trap
  • Trigger Range: 1 tile directly beneath the trap.
  • Effect Range: 3×3 tiles centered on the this trap.
  • Great for use in Area Of Effect scenarios where many husks can be hit by guaranteeing the trap is triggered.

Fortnite Traps - Ceiling Zapper

Ceiling Zapper

  • Ceiling Trap
  • High damage, high reload trap.
  • Very similar to the wall dynamo but applies onto a ceiling.

Fortnite Traps - Ceiling Gas Trap

Ceiling Gas Trap

  • Ceiling Trap
  • Damage Over Time Trap
  • Great when mixed with ceiling electric fields.

Floor Traps

Fortnite Traps - Floor Launcher

Floor Launcher

  • Floor Trap
  • Launches husks directly up into the air above it.
  • Requires husks to be fairly centered to trigger properly.
  • Husks can be redirected while in flight with an angled surface above this trap.

Fortnite Traps - Retractable Floor Spikes

Retractable Floor Spikes

  • Floor Trap
  • High damage with high reload time.

Fortnite Traps - Wooden Floor Spikes

Wooden Floor Spikes

  • Floor Trap
  • Low damage with low reload time.
  • Additional Effect: Slows husk movement.
  • Great for use with kill tunnels to increase husk time in tunnel. Make sure to mix with other traps to actually do damage and kill.


Fortnite Traps - Healing Pad

Healing Pad

  • Utility Floor Trap for Players
  • Provides a healing effect on a high reload time.

Fortnite Traps - Patrol Ward

Patrol Ward

  • Floor Trap
  • Does not do damage.
  • Stops “patrols” from spawning in the area of effect.
  • DOES NOT stop spawning from known spawn areas (the small tornados on ground around encampments, mission objectives, storm shield, etc.)
  • Useful on higher level missions where patrols are significantly more common to get some peace and quiet for looting or building.
  • The durability decrements appears to be time based. Do not stack these traps.

Fortnite Traps - Defender Post

Defender Post

  • Utility Floor Trap
  • Allows placement of a defender.

Player Jump Pad

  • Utility Floor Trap
  • 2 types: Horizontal (Orange) and Vertical (Blue)
  • Launches the player in the direction of movement.
  • Note: Bonus effect is that player cannot take falling damage after using one of these traps.
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