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Fortnite Guide – How To Upgrade Walls

Fortnite Guide - How To Upgrade Walls
Fortnite Guide - How To Upgrade Walls

Fortnite is all about building an awesome base against the Husks and don’t you just hate it when they break down your stuff. Well here is a useful fortnite guide on how to upgrade your walls in the games, because this isn’t really explained in the game but you want to keep those buggers out.  In order to be able to upgrade your walls you need to upgrade your +1 Build skill that you can find in the first skill tree.

Building Upgrade Level - Fortnite

Skill Tree 1 Building Upgrade Level – Fortnite

There are actually 2 of these skills available in the top of this skill tree. Once you purchased one of these skills you will be able to upgrade your walls as they will become stronger. Once you upgrade a wall you will see additional construction happening to your walls and they will get a different look. So how do you upgrade the walls during a mission, well if you hop into a mission and you have build a wall stand next to it and a new icon will prompt (for console it’s press the right analoge stick), by activating it you will reinforce your walls and make them stronger.

Upgrade Walls in Fortnite

Wall upgrades

Here is a general overview of the amount of HP each wall has and how much resources you need. The amount of HP and the resource cost depend on the upgrades you have acquired.

  • Wood  Wall
    • Tier 1  – 200 points (costs 10 wood)
    • Tier 2  – 450 points (costs 20 wood)
    • Tier 3   – 700 points (costs 30 wood)
  • Stone Wall
    • Tier 1  – 300 points (costs 10 bricks)
    • Tier 2  – 675 points (costs 20 bricks)
    • Tier 3    – 1050 points (costs 30 bricks)
  • Metal Wall
    • Tier 1 – 400 points (costs 10 iron)
    • Tier 2   – 900 points (costs 20 iron)
    • Tier 3    – 1400 points (costs 30 iron)

Relative Wall HP

If you compare the HP values of each of the structures and calculate how relative they are to each other, these values that you can see on this infographic will show up. It’s obvious that metal walls out perform the other walls. Using metal walls to protect your most valuable stuff is key, but this overview will give you insight to their power levels relative to each other and how effective the resource cost is.

Relative Wall HP - Fortnite

Relative Wall HP – Fortnite

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