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Fortnite Guide – What is the best hero class ?

Fortnite Guide - Best Class
Fortnite Guide - Best Class

Fortnite has 4 different classes each with there own specialty and roll in the game, however what is the best class that suits you. Deciding on a hero class that works best for you is one of the challenging things you have to do in any game. But remember that your play style counts. If you are not the guns blazing type and prefer to build stuff don’t force yourself into a class you don’t like. On the other hand the game does allow to have unlimited heroes that you can level up, so you can give them out for a spin and decide which one is the best to focus on. This guide will give you an overview of what you can expect from each of the 4 different classes. You can obtain different rarity heroes that have different stats and excel in other stuff than the default starter pack.

Fortnite Classes

  • Soldiers: Ranged weapon masters.
  • Constructors: Masters of buffing forts.
  • Outlanders: Explorer class.
  • Ninjas: Melee and mobility experts

Fortnite Soldier Class


The Soldier is your first line of defense. Pass out bullets snacks and send the Husks to nap time. Good for players that like to be on the frontline and use a lot of weapons to deal a ton of damage. While all classes can build forts the soldier likes to defend it rather than building it. It’s a good class to get familiar with the game, if you start liking the building aspect of the game you might wanne switch to the constructor class.


  • Debilitating Shots
    Hitting a target temporarily increases the amount of damage he or she takes. Can stack up to 3 times.
  • Make it Rain
    Landing a headshot increases the Soldier’s rate of fire for a short time.
  • Grenades
    Craft and use grenades
  • Proximity Mines
    Craft and use Proximity Mines
  • Shockwave
    Damage and knock back enemies
  • Goin’Commando
    Bring out a mini-gun to deal massive damage


  • Well Rounded.
  • Deals a lot of damage.
  • Grenades & Mines.
  • Difficult to specialize.
  • No bonuses for building

Fortnite Constructor Class


The Constructor specializes in building forts that are Husk-resistant and easy on the eye. Constructors can buff structures and repair them more quickly than other heroes. Good for players who likes to build big because with the special abilities the constructor get get stuff done quick and cheap. This class isn’t good at dealing damage and is so don’t rely on the constructor to be your front line player like the soldier.


  • B.A.S.E.
    Deploys a large hologrpahic cube in the environment; anything built inside it cost fewer resources for the constructor.
  • Pre-Planning
    Makes structures built by the constructor stronger
  • Containment Unit
    Deals persistent damage to enemies in the base area
  • Plasma Pulse
    Area of Effect  grenades that deal damage for a short time


  •  Can take a lot of damage.
  • Builds structures faster.
  • Builds structures cheaper.
  • Not great at dealing damage.

Fortnite Outlander Class


The outlander is the best at finding all the ingredients you need to craft your towering forts and things that go boom. This is a good class for players that like to explore, gather resources for the team, and find sweet treasure.  Having an outlander on your team means you get a bigger and better base sooner. However this class isn’t good in combat  nor is it good at building stuff. So if you like sweet loot and to support your friends the Outlander will help you shine.


  • Gathering
    Improves harvesting of resources.
  • Improvisation
    Improves outlander’s abilities.
  • Focused Acquisition
    Expert in  harvesting, adaptability  & exploration. Reduces base health by 20%, increases chance to find double loot by 20%, and increased impact weapon damage by 10%.
  • Observation
    Improves exploration and fragments.
  • In The Zone
    After 5 hits with a harvesting weapon outlander focuses and gaining bonus harvest weapon damage. This Increasing harvest weapon damage by 10% while in the zone.
  • Dimensional Fragment
    Activate the equipped fragment and gain special effects
  • Last Resort
    Improves pistol damage and survivability.


  • Better at finding rare loot
  • Higher quantity of loot in containers
  • Easier to find Treasure chests
  • Low defense
  • Low offense

Fortnite Ninja Class


The Ninja is fleet of foot, slices through any combat situation, and is the only one who played enough video games to master the double jump. While the soldier class excels in combat with ranged weapons, the ninja  is agile and lethal at close range. His double jump is good for getting in and out of combat but also handy for exploring the map. Good for players that like to be in the middle of the action, but it might be handy to have a friend that got’s your back.


  • Mantis Leap
    Allows the ninja to perform a double jump capable of vaulting over sing;e-story walls and cliffs.
  • Assassination
    Deals additional damage with each consecutive strike of an edged weapon for a short time. Can stack up to 7 times.
  • Throwing Stars
    Allows the Ninja to throw out a trio of  medium ranged projectiles.
  • Smoke Bomb
    Creates a smoke cloud that stun locks enemies for a short periode of time.
  • Shadow Stance
    Killing an enemy turns the player into a shadow and temporarily reduced the amount of damage taken from enemy attacks  .
  • Dragon Slash
    A powerful attack that instantly propels  the ninja forward dealing  massive damage to the enemies caught in their path.


  • Fast movement Speed
  •  Mantis Leap Ability
  • High sword damage
  • Low defense
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