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Fortnite Guide- How to Easily Defeat Hordes of Husks by using Funnels

Fortnite – How to Easily Defeat Hordes of Husks by using Funnels
Fortnite – How to Easily Defeat Hordes of Husks by using Funnels

With Fortnite you build a base against the hordes of  enemy Husks. But how do you effectively defend and take out  the opponent  wave after wave ? You can build a funnel that guides the Husks into your deathtraps. The behavior of the Husks are predictable as they will be looking for the most effective route into your base. They will calculate how much effort the need to do to break through your defenses. The highest rated obstructions will be avoided as much as they can. Husks don’t like to breakdown wall after wall, they will walk around the first set and aim for the nearest entry point . This is where you can take advantage of the enemy a.i. (Artificial Intelligence).

By building strong wall constructions you can section off parts of the map. This way you can funnel the Husks into your death traps as you will leave an open spot and fill this area up with death traps. You can place them on the ground, walls, and ceiling, heck you can create a tunnel of doom if you want.

  • Husks prioritize SHORTEST and WEAKEST paths to the OBJECTIVE
  • Husks do not consider traps as resistance when pathing
  • The player is secondary unless standing in/ close to their way

Good Fortification

Husks will find a passage in a range of 3 tiles, so if you have your funnel within walking range they will take that path. If you construct your walls in a special way, as seen in the Buildplan below, the a.i. will rate them stronger as you have more fortification on 1 tile. You can also build a wall on the other side, however this will also provide an barrier for you if you like to shoot from the top of your walls.

Funnel Wall Build Plan - Fortnite Guide

Funnel Wall Build Plan – Fortnite Guide

Base Layout

While every base/amplifier placement and environment setup is different, you can still redirect the Husks from their spawn point towards your funnel. By placing walls as barriers you dictate the route they take and redirect them into the death traps. You might need to adjust the amount of funnels and size of your funnel depending on the situation. Maybe you  need to make them longer, wider, or 2 a few tiles apart from each other. Besides filling your funnel up with traps you can even add small obstructions in them to slow the Husks down. Don’t close the full route but add a ¼  obstruction.

Fortnite - How to funnel hordes of husks

Fortnite – How to funnel hordes of husks

PROTIP:  You can create 2 tunnels next to each other. Tunnel 1 is placed higher than Tunnel 2. Tunnel 1 will also contain Wall traps that pushes the Husks into the lower placed Tunnel 2. Because Tunnel 2  contains a dead end it forces the Husks to walk back to the entrance of Tunnel 1.  This way you create an “infinite” loop that will let the Husk walk circles through your tunnels that are filled with traps.

I hope this Fortnite guide helped you with funneling the hordes of Husks, if so leave a comment or share it with a friend. Have fun creating your ultimate maze!

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