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Fortnite Tips from the Developers

Fortnite Tips

Not sure what to do in Fortnite, well here are some quality tips straight from the developers on what to do in the game.  Darren (Creative Director) and Zak (Executive Producer) explain what you should be doing.

Homebase Power is key

  • Unlock survivor slots – Survivor Squads account for the majority of your Homebase power. Make sure to slot matching leaders to squad, and then personalities to leaders when you can.
  • Level Up Uncommon (green) Survivors – They are an efficient way to gain power in Plankerton. Most of the XP is returned when you retire them. You need to spend survivor XP to gain power, don’t horde!
  • Slot and level up your Support and Tactical Heroes – These Heroes share their stats to the primary hero and provide significant boosts to health, shields, and ability damage. Even Uncommon Heroes are huge wins here.
  • Research provides power over time – Make sure to gather this every day and upgrade the F.O.R.T. stats and unlock Survivor slots.
  • Play missions for Drops of Rain and Survivor XP. You’ll need Drops of Rain for evolution, and you’ll need lots of Survivor XP to level all those Leads and Survivors.
  • Team up with others – Teaming up provides big boosts to Homebase power. A portion of your F.O.R.T. stats are shared with each party member.

How to pick appropriate difficulty missions

  • Your level for combat is based on three numbers – Homebase Power, Hero Power, Weapon Power – When all these match and you play a matching difficulty you will be on level for game.
  • If one of those numbers is below focus on improving that area.
  • What happens if you are off level? You need more bullets, you are more squishy, you build more to slow husks down, generally the game feels more grindy.

F.O.R.T. Stats Explained

  • Fortitude – Improves health. If you are getting killed too fast you may not have enough Fortitude.
  • Offense – Improves weapon damage, both melee and ranged. If it takes too long to kill husks, focus on Offense.
  • Resistance – Improves shield and shield regen. Best way to improve your survivability for quick moving players.
  • Tech – Improves ability damage, and traps. Key for Ninja’s skills, and players who use lots of traps.
  • F.O.R.T. stats are improved through Survivor Squads, Skill Tree, and Research Tree. They are the primary driver of Homebase power.

Getting More Stuff

  • Mission Alerts – You may have noticed some zones with a little clock on them. These have better rewards that can be collected up to three times per day. Watch for these, they have Drops of Rain, XP, Schematics, and V-bucks in rare cases.
  • Dailies – You get one daily per day, you can have up three, and can abandon one per day and get a new one.
  • Quests – Look at the Quest Journal, there are quests that provide V-Bucks, Heroes, Schematics, Leads, and Survivors. Do these quests to help unlock things you need. As we iterate we’ll be adding more quests.
  • Expeditions – Send your extra Heroes out to find Survivors, rewards of these still require more balance, as a passive reward they provide a steady drip of Survivors.
  • Llamas – Purchased with V-Bucks, Earned from Outpost Defenses (Help a friend!), given as daily rewards either from the Founders Pack or from the Daily Reward progression.
  • Transform keys – Combine commons, and uncommons to get rares. When you’re ready start combining Survivors to get ones you need.

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