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How to get the Legendary Excalibastard – Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

Pull the Excalibastard - BLTPS
Pull the Excalibastard - BLTPS

One of the Legendary weapons in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is the Excalibastard. This cryo weapon is one of the easter eggs in the game it’s a reference to the Arthurian legend of Excalibur, just like the legend this gun is lodged in a stone. However there’s not going to be any Lady of the Lake to help you acquire this weapon, instead you have to become a real badass before you can pull it out.

Excalibastard  Guide

Where it is: In order to get to Excalibastard you need to head on over to Triton Flats and then go northeast to Stanton’s Liver. Simply continue down the path until you reach a bridge. Head left of the bridge and jump along the ledges until you see the legendary weapon.  Take a look at the map below for directions. Just head to the yellow arrow. 

Excalibastard Location

How to pull the Excalibasterd from the stone: Now that you found the location of the Excalibastered you’ll need a badass rank of al least 2500 to pick it up. Warning: It can only be picked up once per character and scales to the level that character is at the time. Since the 1.0.2 patch update it’s possible to obtain the Excalibastard from a Grinder recipe.

What it does: If you shatter a frozen enemy by hitting it with this weapon, it will spawn a cryo nova blast upon the shattered enemy, causing other nearby enemies to also freeze.

BLTPS Legendary Laser - Excalibastard

BLTPS Legendary Laser – Excalibastard

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