How do Dynamic Missions work in Borderlands 3

Dynamic Missions in Borderlands 3 Explained
Dynamic Missions in Borderlands 3 Explained

What are Dynamic Missions?

Dynamic Missions are generated based on the gameplay experiences of your friends. Borderlands 3 will have your main story and side missions. However, throughout the game, your friends can encounter events that have a very low chance of happening. There are badass enemies that have a ~20% chance of spawning. If one of your friends stumbles upon one of these, a dynamic mission will be created and send to you. Now you can also attempt to take on this badass yourself.

Where can I find Dynamic Missions?

When you are aboard Sanctuary III you can check out a Bounty Board. Here you can find a list with all the available dynamic missions. When you select one of these quests you can jump into a matchmaking session and go take down rare enemies with a friend.  Borderlands games are fun playing solo but really shine when being played cooperatively. These dynamic missions are little incentives to team up.

Unique loot

Borderlands games are all about the loot. With these rare enemy spawns you are in luck because they have unique item assigned to their loot pool. So if you are looking for a challenge and want to discover hidden treasure,  then these guys are your to-go-to source for awesomeness. Having more friends to team-up will help you fill up that bounty board. With the new loot-instancing,  you don’t have to fight your friends for your piece of the loot. Because each player will get his own loot pool to dive into.

El Dragon JR.

In the exclusive Eden-6 gameplay from E3 2019, you could spot El Dragon Jr. This psycho bandit wants to clap you to death. This rare enemy is a reference to the Battleborn character El Dragón. This easter egg came about when Gearbox Software developed the Borderlands skins for Battleborn. With this content drop, El Dragon received a psycho bandit skin. This worked really well and why not let it work both ways.

Mission Overview

  • Main Missions:  The main story missions that will progress the core narrative of the game. These missions are pretty beefy.
  • Side Missions: These smaller missions are there to help you gain XP and level up for the main story missions.
  • Dynamic Missions: Hop into battle and take on rare enemies.
  • Crew Challenges: The Crew aboard Sanctuary III will hand out various challenges to you.

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