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How do Grenade Mods work in Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 Grenade Mods Guide
Borderlands 3 Grenade Mods Guide

Grenades are one of the weapon types that are at your disposal in Borderlands 3. These explosive devices can be thrown in various ways and can have multiple attributes that affect how they work.

There is a limited number of grenades that you can carry. This number can be expanded by purchasing Storage Deck Upgrades at Marcus Munitions aboard Sanctuary 3.

Grenade Rarities + Modules

Grenade Mods can come in various rarities, the rarer a mod is the more modules it can roll with. Each module impacts the name of the grenade mod adding different prefixes.

CommonWhite1 Delivery Mechanism
UncommonGreen1 Delivery Mechanism + 1 Payload Augments
RareBlue1 Delivery Mechanism + 2 Payload Augments
EpicPurple1 Delivery Mechanism + 3 Payload Augments
LegendaryOrange1 Delivery Mechanism + Special Legendary Effect

Grenade Delivery Mechanism

There are various delivery modules for Grenades. These impact how the item is thrown. Every grenade mod spawns with 1 delivery mechanism

ExploderTorgueThe grenade is classicly thrown in an arc in the direction you are aiming and explodes when impacting an enemy.
HomingAtlasThe grenade flies toward a nearby enemy.
ImpactVladofThe grenade is classicly thrown in an arc in the direction you are aiming and immediately explodes when it makes contact
LobbedTedioreThe grenade is classicly thrown in an arc in the direction you are aiming but doesn’t explode on direct impact.
LongbowHyperionThe grenade will teleport to the point you are aiming at.
RubberizedPangolinThe grenade will be sent forth but will make small hops as it bounces forward. Each bounce increases the explosion’s damage and radius.

Grenade Payload Augments

Grenades can be augmented with different payloads. The higher the rarity of the Grenade Mod the more modules it can have. These payload augmenting modules can stack and work together.

ArtilleryFires bullets dealing varying damage per second.
BlightIrradiates area and deals damage for 4 seconds.
BouncyBounces and Detonates up to 3 times.
ChillerChills the area and deals damage for 4 seconds.
CorrupterFires 2 Corrosive bursts.
DividerSplits into 2 Grenades in Mid-Air.
Elemental Damage20% Elemental Damage and 85% Chance increase.
FlamerFires 2 Incendiary bursts.
ForceGrenades cause very strong knockback.
GeneratorRestores shields for 30% of shield damage dealt.
JumpingJumps 1 time, +10% damage per jump.
Large20% Explosion Radius increase.
LinkAdds 15% damage for each enemy damaged.
Mini MIRVMIRVs spawn 3 more grenades.
MIRVSpawns 3 MIRV grenades.
MoneyEnemies drop some cash when damaged.
NukeConsumes up to 2 grenades, increasing damage by 50% each.
RainLaunches up and fires 3 grenades down around it. If a grenade spawns with 2, then it launches 4 grenades.
Roider20% Grenade Damage increase.
SingularityPulls enemies in for 1.0 seconds.
StickyAdditional 25% Damage to Stuck target.
TeslaContinuously and for a short amount of time shock any enemy that enters a visible radius centered on it.
TransfusionHeals for 30% of the damage dealt.

Legendary Grenade Mods

Borderlands 3 has a lot of Legendary Grenade Mods that you can farm. Each one has its own unique legendary effect but these are the Best Legendary Grenade Mods in the game.

Borderlands 3 Golden Keys

Claim these Borderlands 3 SHiFT Codes for in-game rewards!

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