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How does the ‘Lost Loot’ work in Borderlands 3

The 'Lost and Found' is a machine that collects the meaningful loot that you missed or didn't pick up for some reason.
Lost and Found Machine - Borderlands 3
Lost and Found Machine - Borderlands 3

What is the Lost Loot Machine?

The Lost Loot Machine works like a “Lost and Found”. It was first shown off at the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal event. This is a new machine in Borderlands 3 and it will make your looting experience a lot more enjoyable. If for some reason you were not able to pick up meaningful loot, well then the ‘Lost Loot Machine’ has got your back and will spit out those awesome pieces of gear.

If you played previous Borderlands games then you can relate to the following. In those games, there have been multiple instances where your loot dropped in unreachable places. In Borderlands 2 this was often the case while farming the Warrior. This is really annoying when a boss finally drops its legendary weapon and then you can’t pick it up. This ‘Lost and Found’ takes care of this issue.

Lost Loot Priority

At E3 2019, we learned a few more facts from an interview with Gearbox Software’s Producer Anthony. The ‘Lost and Found’ will prioritize the loot that it acquires for you. It will pick up the rare purple weapon instead of a unique blue weapon. And it will prefer a legendary orange weapon above a rare purple weapon. However, it’s only able to pick up a certain number of items.

Your Lost Loot Machine will start out with 6 slots but you can go to Marcus Munitions and purchase storage deck upgrades to increase its capacity. I actually found out about this before the game’s release by analyzing the reveal event presentation. If you look at the mini-map there is an icon of a box filled with loot as the indication for the ‘Lost and Found’ machine. When we later visit Marcus Munitions, there is a storage deck upgrade with the same icon.

Lost and Found Storage Deck Upgrade - Borderlands 3
Lost and Found Storage Deck Upgrade – Borderlands 3
Where is the Lost Loot Machine Located?

You can find the ‘Lost and Found’ machine on Sanctuary 3. When you fast travel to the spaceship, it’s in front of you on the right side, just before your personal room.

How does the Lost Loot Machine work?

The Lost Loot Machine will collect rare items that you didn’t pick up or that fell off the map. It collects Rare (Blue) or higher rarities but it will always prioritize the highest rarity.

How do I upgrade my Lost Loot Machine?

You can purchase additional slots for the Lost Loot Machine by purchasing SDUs from Marcus Munitions.

Why is the Lost Loot Machine not working?

The Lost Loot Machine only works in ‘Coöperation‘ Mode. You probably have the game set to ‘Coöpetition‘ mode. Change your lobby settings by pausing the game and use the Gear/Cog on the top right of the screen.

Does the Lost Loot cross-over to other characters?

The Lost Loot is saved on your profile and not your specific character. This means that the loot you missed on your LVL50 character will show up on your new LVL13 character.

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