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How Myth Rank Works in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Myth Rank
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Myth Rank

Myth Rank is an End Game leveling progression that lets you further enhance your Fatemaker’s powers. You will unlock Myth Rank once you reached LVL 40 in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This is the max level you can reach with your character at the launch of the game. However, once you reached this milestone, you can continue to gather experience points but instead of leveling up your character level, you will level up your Myth Rank. Each time you fill-up the progression bar, you will be rewarded with a point which you can spend on your Myth Rank.

Myth Rank is divided over 4 constellations and each one represents a mastery. Each time you level up your Myth Rank, you’ll move to the next constellation in a clockwise motion. This means you will be diversifying your points across all four constellations so you won’t be able to focus solely on one. For each constellation, you’ll need to decide if you want to move further along the path of connected nodes, unlocking them one by one, or invest your Myth Points into nodes you’ve already unlocked. Each constellation has 7 nodes to spend your points on.


With the Druid mastery, you can achieve perfect synchronicity with the world around you, boosting your companion along with other combat-synergistic stats.

  • 10x Wisdom (+2% Status Damage)
  • 20x Companion Damage (+1.5%)
  • 10x Attunement (+1% Skill Cooldown)
  • 20x Lightning Damage (+1.5%)
  • 20x Loot Luck (+5%)
  • 20x Poison Damage (+1.5%)
  • 10x Ability Damage (+1%)


With the Archmage mastery, you can reach your hands into the very source of magic itself and wrench your spellcasting stats ever upward!

  • 10x Intelligence (+1% Spell Cooldown)
  • 20x Spell Critical Damage (+1%)
  • 20x Spell Critical Chance (+1%)
  • 20x Fire Damage (+1.5%)
  • 20x Frost Damage (+1.5%)
  • 10x Status Effect Chance (+3%)
  • 10x Spell Damage (+1%)

Blade Master

With the Blade Master mastery, there is no difference between you and your blade, and your edge is keen. Hone your melee stats even sharper.

  • 10x Strength (+1.25% Crit Damage)
  • 10x Constitution (Max HP/Ward)
  • 20x Dark Magic Damage (+1.5%)
  • 20x Melee Critical Chance (+1%)
  • 20x Melee Swing Speed (+1%)
  • 20x Melee Critical Damage (+1%)
  • 10x Melee Damage (+1%)


With the Deadeye mastery, you were born with a gun in your hand. Your poot mother. Push your firearm stats beyond what would be considered reasonable in polite society.

  • 10 Dexterity (2% Crit Chance)
  • 10 Gun Handling (3%)
  • 25x Move Speed (+1%)
  • 20x Reload Speed (1%)
  • 15x Magazine Size (2%)
  • 20x Fire Rate (1%)
  • 10x Gun Damage (1%)
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