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How to Access Dreamveil Overlook in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

TTWL DLC - How to Access Dreamveil Overlook
TTWL DLC - How to Access Dreamveil Overlook

All 4 pieces of DLC from the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Season Pass are accessed from within the map Dreamveil Overlook. You can find this new location on the Overworld map. Dreamveil Overlook is located next to the Shrine of Mool Ah. This is at the beginning of the Overworld map, which means that you can access the DLC before you ever make it to Brighthoof. The enemies within have a baseline level of 13 and will scale to your Fatemaker’s level beyond that.

Mirrors of Mystery

How to access the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands DLC

  1. Go to the Overworld

  2. Travel towards the Shrine of Mool Ah

  3. Enter Dreamveil Overlook

  4. Walk to the town

  5. Talk to Vesper

  6. Pick up Souls

  7. Spin Soul Wheel

  8. Enter the Mirror of Mystery

I can’t access a Mirror of Mystery

You need to purchase the DLC or the Season Pass. If you have done this and you still can’t access the DLC, you need to contact support.2k.com

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