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How to Open the Vaulthalla Secret Room in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 DLC 4 Secret Vault Area
Borderlands 3 DLC 4 Secret Vault Area

Borderlands 3 Vaulthalla Secret Room

Borderlands 3’s fourth story campaign addon, Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck, rewards you with a bonus area at the end of the DLC. After defeating the final boss in the map Vaulthalla you will go to Valhalla because you get 60 seconds to loot a cave that is filled with loot chests and red chests. On the highest difficulty setting, Mayhem 10, you can really get a lot of awesome legendary items from this room. But wait, there is more… Because if you managed to trigger all the secret buttons, you are rewarded with an additional room that is filled with loot chests. Giving you access to even more badass loot. However, discovering all the diamond switches can be challenging. This is definitely true in the second area. Lucky for you, I got this awesome Vaulthalla walkthrough to guide you on your way and unlock the secret loot room.

btw. You can spend your 60 Seconds to loot the Vault. You can still trigger the buttons after the timer runs down.

How To Solve Vaulthalla Secret Puzzle TLDR

  1. Travel to Vaulthalla

    Use the fast travel station to access Vaulthalla in Krieg’s Mind

  2. Shoot the yellow glowing tiles

    Throughout the map, you can find yellow glowing tiles. The ones in the first area are pretty obvious. Once you hit them, they will turn green. You know you got the correct one if your cross air lights up red and the tile takes damage. Check out the images for all the locations.

  3. Enter the closed-off room

    Once you hit all the switches the force field will disappear and you can access the room… BUT WAIT, there is more…


Vaulthallo Puzzle Location Guide

Once you fast travel to Vault halla, you will start at The Lesionhall. This area is divided into 3 sections. At the starting point of the map, you can immediately notice 3 yellow glowing tiles on the ceiling. 1 right in front of you and 1 on each side of the first. Once you have shot these buttons you can move on to the next section.

After you used the jump pad, you need to find 3 more buttons. The first one is on the back of the passageway you go through. The second button is to the right of the second but broken passageway. The 3rd button in this area is above the hole where you jump down to the boss arena. You can proceed to the boss if you successfully hit all 6 switches at this point.

In the Boss arena, you will encounter Psychoreaver. Stay on the platform you fell on when making the jump down into the boss arena. From here you can easily see all 3 buttons you need to trigger. The first being right behind you, high up on the wall. The other 2 you can find on the left and right wall on the lower section of the arena. If you managed to trigger all 9 targets and defeated the Psychoreaver you can move on to the next location.

Once you made it into the treasure room, you will also need to trigger 3 hidden switches in order to lower the force field at the end of the room. However, first use your 60 seconds to actually loot this room as there are red chests in this area. These have a high chance of dropping high-quality loot. When the timer runs out, all the loot chests will disappear in this section. However, this is not the case for the secret room we are going to unlock.

There is 1 button hidden beneath the floor. You perform a slam at the center of the map where the ground is cracked. This way you can smash through the ground and uncover a hidden section. Jump down from the platform that has the heavenly gate/arch on it and perform the slam. The 2nd diamond button is all the way in the back on the left side of the room. You can use the jump pads to get there. The 3rd and final switch is across the locked door with the force field. Shooting this final tile will open the secret room in Vaulthalla.

If you missed any you can check the back wall of the Vault room. There are big diamond tiles on the wall that light up green if you hit all the buttons in a section. There are 4 tiles that correspond with the 4 sections of this map. If done correctly you successfully opened Valhalla.

Secrets within secrets

Once you lifted the 1st force field and opened the way to the closed-off area in the Vault room you can start looting new loot chests. However, you will also encounter another force field that prevents you from accessing an additional secret room filled with treasure chests. There are new switches in the secret room but these are smaller and harder to find. Don’t worry, I got your back. When you shoot all these switches you’ll earn the “Ye Who Enter” achievement for unlocking these secret rooms.

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