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How to Beat the Firing Range in Borderlands 3

New Shooting Range for Borderlands 3
New Shooting Range for Borderlands 3

Good Against Remotes Is One Thing

One of the achievements/trophies in Borderlands 3 is the ‘Good Against Remotes Is One Thing’. To earn this reward you need to get a perfect score at the shooting range on Sanctuary 3. You can do this challenge on any difficulty. However, this task of hitting 15 targets in 20 seconds has proven to be more difficult than it looks at first glance.

Beat the Firing Range

When you are reading this Borderlands 3 Guide, you probably know how to locate the firing range on Sanctuary 3. If you don’t, here is how you reach the firing range. If you go to the middle deck and find Marcus Munitions. You can follow the signs on the walls of the corridors. When you entered Marcus Munitions, go down to the left and follow the stairs down. There you will find a terminal to activate the shooting range.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can easily beat the firing range by playing with a co-op buddy. Together you can easily take down the targets. However, only the person who activated the firing range challenge will get the achievement/trophy. So… it would be nice if you switch turns 😉
  • Is you are playing solo and need a good weapon to beat the firing range, then farm for the Dictator, it has a high chance of dropping from Agonizer 9000 who are located in the Guts of Carnivora on Pandora. If you set the Dictator in Bipod Mode (Alt-fire), you can easily hit all the targets. You can use an artifact or passive skills in your skill tree to boost your magazine size
  • Other good weapons to use are an SMG or the Infinity gun.
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