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How to become a PRO Builder in Fortnite

In most shooters, your skill level is determined by your twitch gameplay skills, being able to aim quick and land those headshots. With Fornite your skill level is also determined by your ability to effectively build structures to your advantage. With Fortine, Epic Games brought their building mechanic to the Battle Royale genre. This is how the game sets itself apart from the competition, but this also sets the high tier players apart from the crowd. In this guide, you will find advanced building tips & strategies to dominate your opponents.
Fortnite Pro Building Tips
Fortnite Pro Building Tips

Fortnite Building Tips

  • Builder Pro controller preset
    • Use the builder pro controller preset, this lets you quickly switch between weapons and materials and
  • Aim sensitivity 
    • Make sure the aim sensitivity is right for you. I can recommend 7 on the X-axis and 6 on the Y-axis. Having a higher sensitivity does let you build your structures fast, however, do remember that you still need to take down your opponents. Therefore don’t over do it, you still need to be able to hit them while being in a gun battle. If you are in close-combat you probably want to use a shotgun, so make sure you can still effectively aim and hit your targets.
  • Double layer your structure
    • Enemies can easily take down your structure if you only build a single lane ramp or other single-layered elements. Try and quickly build multiple ramps or layers at the “same” time that are connected to each other. This way the constructions will support each other from collapsing.
  • Build Effectively
    • Yes, you construct a more secure structure if you double-layered ramp, however, you don’t always have to do that. Creating a double-layered structure will rip through your materials. Keep your resources in mind, don’t overuse materials if it’s not needed.
  • Sneak Preview
  • Use the ‘Edit’ function on your walls to see through your construction. By going into the edit mode and selecting various tiles, the constructed section becomes a bit transparent. This gives you a sneak preview of what’s on the other side without exposing yourself from your cover.
  • Ramp Rush
    • learn how to effectively ramp rush your opponents.
  • Ramp Rush Counter and  duel tips
    • Ramp Rushing is one of the most used tricks in Fortnite. Its great to quickly get towards an enemy and obtain the high-ground for a unique advantage point. Because each structure is unique the countermeasures are also very situational. Keep in mind that you should not let yourself get overrun by the opponent. Throw them off their game, make them adjust to your actions instead of you adjusting to there actions.
    • Try and keep the high-ground, but don’t focus too much on it. Some players get into this tunnel vision and keep building.
    • While building, try and land a few hits from time to time. Be aggressive!
    • When your ramp connects with the ramp of the opponent build a wall between you keep moving up. Try and block your opponent’s building process by building something on top of them. This will buy you some additional time to gain the high-ground and therefore an advantage point.
    • If you are one layer above your opponent you can also ‘Edit’ your panel and create a window to shoot through or fall down to surprise them.
    • When your opponent is building his ramp/structure look for weak spots in his construction. If you spot a single layer panel in his construction that doesn’t connect with multiple panels, then you should try and break it if the momentum is there. Breaking this panel will cause everything above that point to crumble down and thereby give you an advantage.
    • If your opponent does manage to the high-ground then you can build a ramp away from the tower. Try and build a cover ramp by building a ramp to walk on as well as a ramp above your head for cover. Get some distance between you and your opponent and try and regain the high-ground.
    • If you are below your enemy you can shoot the panel they are standing on to force them to come down (you could also smash the whole bottom level of the construction 😛 ).
  • Box in Enemies
    • If your opponent is boxed in between 4 walls make sure at least one of those walls is yours. This gives you control over the fight as you can edit the wall. By going into the edit mode you can get a peek inside the box. Before creating an opening, position yourself so that you have a clear shot. Then commence you surprise attack by creating the opening.
  • Practice Practice Practice
    • Every encounter is different and that keeps things exciting. Becoming good takes time and you need to learn the skills. One way to become an effective builder is by practicing the craft in the Fortnite Building Simulator. With this tool, you can practice building without having to spend the time to gather resources or being interrupted by other players.

Bonus Build Tip!

Everyone has played a shooter and everyone can aim and shoot. The best Fortnite players are the people that are good at building. But how do you beat the best builders in Fotnite? By editing your panels! Being able to build structures fast is one thing, but making use of all the edit abilities is going next level. Outsmart your opponent by editing the constructions.

Fornite Duel Tips

  • Know where your enemy is
    • Getting the high ground is important, but keep track of your opponent. If you don’t know where he is you don’t know what to do.
    • Play with headphones on, this way you can better hear where your opponent is. Often you can hear where your opponent is before you even see him. Listen if they are on the ground or on the certain material, that way you know where to look. Knowledge is power!
    • If you lose track of your opponent they have the chance to heal or shield up. Never give them time to recover in battle!
  • Know when to engage
    • Know when you need to stay in cover and when to start a fight. Yes, fights are fun if you win them, however, you probably care more about getting a victory royale. Don’t blindly attack every enemy you see.
    • Winning a shotgun fight is cool and all, but weaken your enemy with an Assault Rifle at long-range first.
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