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How to defeat The Rook in Redfall

How to Defeat The Rook in Redfall

The Rook is one of the Vampire Gods in Redfall. He gets summoned whenever you anger the Vampire Gods. His arrival is forecast by a red lightning storm that gradually forms over time, however, you can keep track of the progress bar that indicates how angry Vamprie Gods are.

You anger the Vampire Gods whenever you defeat any of their Underbosses. Once you have gone too far and the meter is full they will summon The Rook.

The Rook Guide

The Rook is a powerful enemy and much stronger than any other Vampires you encounter in Redfall. He is quick and can teleport around. His attacks are melee focused but he can quickly close the gap by performing a dash strike.

The best way to defeat The Rook is to keep your distance and stay on the move. An indoor encounter with this boss can be confining as there is limited room to move around. An outdoor encounter has its challenges as the Red Lightning Storm can hurt you.

The Rook likes to charge you with his dash attack, if there is a way for you to place a low obstacle between you and the Rook, you can stay out of his punching range and keep dealing damage to him. Keep circling around the object to keep him out of striking range.

Be aware that you keep away from explosive objects. The Rook or the lightning storm can also easily trigger them.

Just like any other Vampire the Rook also needs to be taken down by a stake. And once you manage to defeat this Vampire God, you will be rewarded with an Unrivaled Legendary Weapon.

Best Weapons Against the Rook

The Rook has a lot of health and can therefore be challenging to take down. Just before he is summoned you still have a few seconds to quickly switch out some of your gear.

The Stake Launcher is an obvious choice to take into battle against the Rook. This high-damage weapon is able to one-shot regular vampires, while that is not the case with the Rook, it is still able to deal a good chunk of his health.

A Flare Gun is a nice utility tool to use during the fight because there is a moment vampires acknowledge that they are on fire. This leaves them stunned for a few seconds giving you free shots to deal damage.

More Redfall

If you keep angering the Vampire Gods, you will have to face off against The Rook more than once during your playthrough of Redfall. Check out my Redfall Wiki to stay informed about the game or check out the Redfall Guide section for more tips & tricks.

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