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How to get ALL Stakes in Redfall

Redfall Stake Guide
Redfall Stake Guide

There are a lot of stakes that you can attach to your weapons in Redfall. However, the garden gnome is one of the funniest items that you can find in the game but where do you find all the other weapon stakes? In this Redfall Guide, I’m going to tell you all the locations where you can find all the stakes in Redfall.

Redfall Commons Stake Locations

The Stake Stake is the default blade attachment that everyone starts with.

Don’t Cut Yourself

You will get your first stake during the introduction of the game when you need to talk to Anna. She will give you the “Don’t Cut Yourself” Stake

Ahab’s Revenge

You can get the second stake at the Redfall Museum. Enter the building through the front door and make your way to the next floor. There will be a display showcasing a big harpoon. You can find the “Ahab’s Revenge” Stake inside the display.

Gnome Mercy

You can find the Gnome Mercy Stake at the entrance of the Addison Estate Grounds. There is a shed near the front gate as you make your way up the path to the Estate. The “Gnome Mercy” Stake can be found there.

Axe Handle

You can find the Axe Handle Stake in a container behind the Death Catch Records building. You can use the Stormy Point Fast Travel Station to get there.

Redfall Burial Point Stake Locations

In Vane

The In Vane Stake can be found at the top of the tower near the Cloversettle Trail Fast Travel Station. The stake is located inside the tower at the center of the room. It sits on the lazy Susan.

Femur Pitch

The Femur Pitch Stake can be found in The Midnight Whale Restaurant. Use the Chickering Safehouse to quickly fast travel to the location. The stake is located in the head of the person that’s on the ground on the ground floor.

Holy Moly

The Holy Moly Stake can be found near the Ferris wheel. Use the Harbor Festival Fast Travel Station to get there. Cross the King’s Square bridge and make your way to the big house. There is a display case showcasing the Holy Moly Stake.

Iron Arrow

The Iron Arrow can be found up on the tower behind the Bladewell Ranger Station. Fast Travel to the Direcliff Safehouse to quickly get there. The stake is stabbed into the guardrail next to the Gravelock.

Agnes Blackwood’s Shear

The Agnes Blackwood’s Shear stake can be found in the Blackwood House. You can use the Windy Stead Fast Travel Station to get there. In order to get this Stake you need to find the keys to the Blackwood House rooms. The stake will be in the severed arm that’s on the table in Agnes’ room.

Miss Whisper’s Tendril

The Miss Whisper’s Tendril Stake is obtained after defeating Miss Whisper. You will pick the stake up from the altar as you leave the area.

Redfall Bite Back Stakes

There are two stakes that are exclusive to everyone that owns the Bite Back Edition of Redfall. These are called the “TCMK-01” and the “Blood Ravager”.

More Stakes

The other stakes can randomly be found throughout the game by defeating enemies, the Rook, or random loot drops.

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