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How to get Legendary Essence in Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum Legendary Essence
Immortals of Aveum Legendary Essence

Legendary Essence is a rare resource in Immortals of Aveum that is needed to upgrade powerful gear in the game. You will need this resource for Legendary Items, however, in NewGame+ it is also required for the additional Epic Gear upgrades. Because Legendary Essence is difficult to obtain, it might take you some time to fully upgrade the most powerful gear in the game. In this Immortals of Aveum guide, I will tell you how to quickly get Legendary Essence.

Legendary Essence Sources

You can obtain a total of 84 Legendary Essence per playthrough.

Dens of the Six6
Golden Chests14


Shroudfanes are a reliable source of Legendary Essence, however, some of these challenging gauntlets can be difficult. Make sure you have a build for combat-focused Shroudfanes.

Dens of the Six

These Shroudfanes contain very challenging Boss fights. You likely wanna do these when you fully upgraded your gear.


Shatterfanes don’t offer a lot of Legendary Essence. These corrupted Shroudfanes are designed as an End Game challenge. You better skip these if you quickly want to gather legendary resources.


The enemies that reward you with Legendary Essence are mandatory fights throughout the story campaign. You will simply stumble across them as you play through the game.

Golden Chest

There are a lot of Golden Chests hidden throughout Aveum. They can contain Gear or crafting resources, however, a bunch of them will supply you with Legendary Essence.


  • There is a Golden Chest in the Library of Akoth. You first need to clear the 2 side rooms puzzles. Then you can clear the last memory leak in the main room. Now look toward the entrance direction, above that is a hidden room with the golden chest (and then fight an Oremen construct).

Mt. Dresnyr:

  • Right after exiting the room with Ward blocked chest, look behind and grapple up.
  • When you need to clear a path through the lava. You need to solve a puzzle on the left island to advance the green light beam. There is a Grapple point on that island where you fight the mobs.
  • After you have chased The Hand on the Layline, you land on a bridge and look up against a big wall. This is where you need to defeat an Oathbroken and some mobs. Look up the big tall wall for a grapple point.


  • Blue refract crystal room, the one you need to shoot a switch to keep the door open. This is before the fight with 2 Archons.


  • There is a Gold chest near Symmetry Fane, however, because both are behind the ward you need to revisit this area once you gained that ability.


  • There is a Golden Chest near the Den of Azza-Kel’s. You will need to solve the 3 color refract puzzle to access this area.


  • Warded Gold chest – Past Forge zone go down stair then turn back after finishing the mobs
  • Warded Gold chest – After fighting a Great Leylodon, punch the right-side ward and look for the gold chest to the left of the red switch.
  • Gold Chest – on one of the pillars with grapple to the right of Glaivegate Blue Magnus boss fight.

Shrouded Realm:

  • Gold chest – behind forge before you talk to Pentacade
  • Gold chest – near Hoard Fane
  • Gold chest – Zone right before Ancient City, on a balcony-like structure.
  • Gold chest – Ancient City behind a building with crystal formation.
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