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How to get Legendary Gear – Battleborn Guide

Want to know how to get Legendary Gear in Battleborn and if they are the best thing after gummy bears to supercharge your gameplay then stick around and I’ll tell you all about that.

What is Legendary Gear?

Hey MentalMars here and welcome to Battleborn. So in this video, I’m going to talk about the legendary gear in the game, telling you how to obtain them and if they are the best thing out there. However, what is Legendary Gear, well gear comes in various rarities.

Gear Rarity

  •  Common (white)
    • 1 stat
    •  1 negative stat is possible
  • Uncommon (green)
    •  1 stat
    •  1 other stat with a condition
    • 1 negative stat is possible
  •  Rare (blue)
    • 1 stat
    • 1 matching stat with a condition
    • 1 negative stat is possible
  • Epic (Purple)
    • 2 stats with no conditions
    • 1 negative stat is possible
  • legendary (orange)
    • 2 stats with no conditions
    • 1 legendary stat that provides a unique boost and that isn’t restricted by the rules the other gear has.

So you can have Legendary Gear that has a stat that normally wouldn’t pair with the other, and there are even some that have special abilities because this is where things become interesting. You can have gear that provides unique abilities like:

Legendary Effects

  • On death, your shield explodes dealing +420 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Damaging enemy shields powers your shield for 14.00% of the damage.
  • Skill hits prevent enemies’ shields from charging for 10 seconds.
  • Steal shards from enemy players equal to 3.00% of damage dealt.
  • Once every 5 seconds, a critical melee hit will Blind the target.

How do you get Legendary Gear?

  • Loot packs: 
    • So now you know what gear can do, but how do you get it? Well by simply playing the game, this way you earn credits that you can spend on loot packs. The core loot pack has a small chance of dropping legendary gear. You also get various loot packs as a reward for leveling up. So that’s a way to get gear, but it’s not a very effective way of getting legendaries.
  • Story Mode:
    • A good way to get specific legendaries is in the story mode as you will have a good chance that a boss will drop legendary items. Each boss has its own loot pool with a few unique legendaries assigned to them. Usually 2 for normal mode and an additional 2 for advanced difficulty.
    • Also while you are playing these missions go and aim for a high score as the first time on each mission when you hit that diamond rating you earn a legendary loot pack and this works on all difficulty settings.
  • Story Operations:
    • With the DLC missions, there is also a great reward system to get quality gear. While the legendary effect on the Boss drops in these missions only applies to the Story Operations. But with these missions, there is a way to obtain a 100 Ops Points score and by achieving this score you will be rewarded with a Commander Faction Pack. These gear packs have a good chance of giving you legendary items. Don’t confuse them with the normal faction packs that are in the marketplace. The Commander Faction Packs deliver way better loot and with the summer update Gearbox recently did they made it so that each story operation gives you a specific commander faction pack. These packs have an increased drop rate that includes the new legendary items that Gearbox added with these DLC missions.
  • Character Lore:
    • Another interesting legendaries you can pick up are the hero-specific legendaries, you can unlock these by completing the lore challenges that you find in your command menu. By completing all 5 challenges you will be rewarded with a guaranteed max level legendary that has a unique modifier that is specific to that hero. These will boost or even change up the way your character’s abilities work and therefore change their play style. If you are playing the Battleborn Free Trial don’t bother completing the challenges for Attikus, Thorn, Deande, Rath, El Dragon, and Kleese as all of these heroes have lore challenges that require you to have access to the story mode in order to obtain their hero specific legendary.

Are Legendaries the best thing?

So those are some good ways to pick up legendary items but are legendary items the best thing out there? Well yes and no, while they do unique and powerful things they come with a high price tag. When you are playing through the story missions you can easily go and run a 3 legendary gear loadout. However, in the PvP Multiplayer, you will be activating these items late game as you will need to gather a lot of shards before you can use them. But that also means you won’t be investing your shards in other stuff that will help you out during the match. So there is a bit of a risk-reward system as your match might not last long enough for you to activate them. So if you want to run legendary items also consider putting a shard generator in your loadout. A good shard generator is the “Shard of Solus” that came with the founder’s pack.

Shard of Solus – Battleborn Gear

It’s a legendary shard generator with a zero shard activation cost but don’t worry if you haven’t got the founders pack. There is actually somewhat of a better version in the game, remember those common white pieces of gear I mentioned earlier? Well, there are common shard generators with a negative stat on them. These negative stats will reduce the activation cost to zero, but because it has a negative stat on it doesn’t mean it has an impact on your hero, because an Oscar Mike doesn’t heal so you can have negative Heal Power on it. Rath doesn’t reload as he is a melee hero, therefore, that negative reload speed won’t affect him. So these are neat little tricks to bypass the system and you can get free shards this way that outperform the legendary shard of solus as that one is capped. So that’s it for Legendary gear, for now, have fun hunting them down.

If you want to know which pieces of gear you need to check out, go and watch my Top 10 Legendary Gear video. Also, let me know what your favorite legendaries are.

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