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How to Open the Doors in Ascension Bluff in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - Ascension Bluff Door
Borderlands 3 - Ascension Bluff Door

The second map in Borderlands 3 is called Ascension Bluff. When you finished the main quest and do all of the side quests in that area, there is still a section that is dark on the map. If you try and access that part of the map, you find a sealed Eridian door but other than that there isn’t really a way to access the sectioned-off area.

This area in Ascension Bluff was a huge mystery for the Borderlands Community when Borderlands 3 initially was released. Some managed to jump inside the hidden arena by launching their cyclone off a cliff. We have seen some early footage from this area, however, Gearbox Software told us that they will say when we are able to access this area.

The time to open the doors in Ascension Bluff has come. If you purchase DLC 6, The Director’s Cut, you get access to the Raid Boss, Hemivorous the Invincible. The doors will only open when you own this downloadable content.

You will need to pick up the quest from Claptrap’s Room on Sanctuary 3. This mission will guide you to the closed doors in Ascension Bluff, however, this time you will be able to access the entrance. Inside you will find a hidden cave with another door where you must pay 500 Eridium to open it. So make sure you stack up Eridium before going there.

You first have to finish the story campaign before entering this lair because Hemivorous is part of Borderlands 3’s end-game content and it will scale from LVL35 to Max Level depending on where your Vault Hunter is at.

Have fun farming the Atlas Replay, Company Man, Ionic Disruptor, and Ringer.

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