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How to Reset Your Skill Tree in Redfall

How to Respec in Redfall
How to Respec in Redfall

Each Character in Redfall is able to upgrade their abilities as they level up. However, sometimes, you aren’t happy with your choices anymore and want to re-spec your character build because your play style changed or things weren’t as impactful as you hoped. In that case, Redfall does allow you to reset your Skill Tree.

You need to reach level 10 before you are able to reset your skill tree in Redfall. There will be a notification about this feature once you obtained the requirements.

Skill Tree Reset Notification in Redfall

You do need to be in a specific area before you can redistribute your skill points because it only works in safe areas. This means you need to be in the Fire Station, a Safe House, or the Maritime Center.

Once you are in one of the safe locations mentioned above, you can go to the Skill Tab in your Menu. There will be a button mentioned at the bottom left of the screen.

PCPress [R]
XBOXPress (X)
This prompt will appear if you want to reset your skill tree in Redfall

A warning will pop up once you press the button to remind you that resetting your skill tree will cost you “Support” aka “Money”. If you agree, your skill tree will be empty again and the number of Skill Points are refunded.

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