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How to Solve the Revenge of the Cartels Puzzle – Borderlands 3

How to Solve the Revenge of the Cartels Mansion Puzzle - Borderlands 3
How to Solve the Revenge of the Cartels Mansion Puzzle - Borderlands 3

Every Mansion Needs a Puzzle

During the Revenge of the Cartels event, you can gain access to Joey’s Mansion. There you can complete several challenges to unlock special event rewards. One of those challenges is; “Every Mansion Needs a Puzzle”. This challenge requires you to solve the hidden puzzle in the Ultraviolet mansion. Not only does this puzzle mark off one of the challenges on your list but it also gives you a chance at high-quality loot as the mansion puzzle opens up a hidden room that is filled with top-tier chests.

The challenge with this puzzle is that the code and the cypher change each time you load the map. You can only try and enter the code once per playthrough. If you enter the wrong sequence of numbers, the puzzle be locked and you can only try it again by reloading the map.

How to solve the secret puzzle in Joey Ultraviolet’s mansion?

  1. Access the hidden room in Joey’s Mansion

    Halfway through the map, you will need to find a golden mask to complete the statue on the fountain. When you enter the Mansion, go towards the second floor and make your way to the Grand-Baller Room. Defeat all the enemies and underboss along the way. Enter the closed-off room where the underboss came from. This is one of the locations where you can collect the golden mask.Revenge of the Cartels Access Room - Borderlands 3

  2. Activate the computer in the hidden room

    In the room where you get the Golden Bandit Mask, there is a desk in the center of the room. Interact with the computer keyboard on the desk to activate the 4 monitors. These are located at the entrance of the room.Revenge of the Cartels Puzzle - Activate Monitors - Borderlands 3

  3. Get the code sequence

    On the monitors, you will see shapes appear. These can be a pyramid (triangle) , a cube (square), or a cylinder (circle). Every time you will activate the monitors, you will get a different sequence of symbols. But you can only activate the monitors once per playthrough of the map. You will need to remember the order of the shapes from left to right.Revenge of the Cartels Puzzle - Remember Shapes - Borderlands 3

  4. Decipher the symbols

    Walk to the wall to the left of the monitors (right wall if walking into the room). You will see a bookcase with the 3 statues that represent the corresponding symbols. Above each statue, you will see 3 shelves. 2 are empty and 1 has an ornament inside of it, this shelf with the ornament also changes each time you load the map. The location of the ornament is vital as it represents the number you need to push at the bookcases on the other side of the room on the back wall.Revenge of the Cartels Puzzle - Decipher Shapes - Borderlands 3

  5. Decipher the code

    The location of the ornament will correspond with a numbered book. As they both have the same placement. For example; On the left column, the one with the Triangle, if the ornament is in the center row, this corresponds with the center book of the left column that has the number 4 on it.Revenge of the Cartels Puzzle Solution - Borderlands 3

  6. Enter the correct code

    Go to the books with all the numbers. Trigger the books in the right order as you learned in step 3 and use the numbered book that corresponds with the ornament of that shape.

    For this example the code; Square, Square, Triangle, Circle = 2, 2, 4, 9Revenge of the Cartels Puzzle - Enter Code - Borderlands 3

  7. Access the secret loot room

    If you entered the correct access code, the bookcase on the sidewall will open up. Here you will find more eridium dust piles but also multiple loot chests and cabins that provide high-quality gear.Revenge of the Cartels Puzzle Solved - Borderlands 3

Shapes and Numbers

Remember the sequence of the code changes every time you jump into the map, Villa Ultraviolet. However, the shapes always correspond with 1 of these 3 numbers. The position of the ornament on the bookshelves determine the number the shape represents.

SymbolBook Numbers
Triangle/Pyramide1, 4, 7
Square/Cube2, 5, 8
Circle/Cylinder3, 6, 9

Revenge of the Cartel Event

Revenge of the Cartels used to be a seasonal event that happened once a year. However, with a patch update, Gearbox Software provided the ability to enable or disable events at will. So now you can toggle seasonal events in Borderlands 3. Have fun farming all those Cartel legendary weapons Vault Hunter!

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