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How To Solve The Tannis Lab Puzzle In Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Tannis' Puzzle Solved
How to solve Tannis' Lab Puzzle with the 4 Buttons

You need to solve a puzzle for Tannis during the “Angels and Speed Demons” story quest in Borderlands 3. When you enter the “Angel’s Light” area in Konrad’s Hold, you are confronted with Tannis’ Lab Puzzle. There are 4 buttons in front of you, one of them is green and the others are red. The idea is that you find the correct button combination and get all 4 buttons to light up green, however, that’s not how you solve the puzzle.

Solving The Tannis Lab Puzzles

Tannis’ Lab Puzzle starts off with the task to shoot four couplings on the reactors. While this is required, it also sets you up on the wrong foot as the Gearbox Developers are trying to trick you. Because when you finished that task, they positioned you for the next objective and which is to solve the 4-button puzzle.

However, the 4-buttons are only there to trick you as the developers are trolling you. If you look closely at the mini-map the objective is marked as an area and not as a specific location. You need to look somewhere in the room and not just at the console they placed in front of you. You are supposed to look for different consoles.

Borderlands 3 Tannis Puzzle Guide
Tannis’ 4 Button Puzzle Guide

In order to solve Tanis’ lab 4 button puzzle, you need to walk across the room and there you will find another switch that progresses the mission. The lever that you need to flip has two yellow arrows pointing to it. If the Devs couldn’t be bigger trolls but hey that’s Gearbox/Borderlands for you. You are not the only one that spends 6 minutes flipping switches.

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