How to unlock all loadout slots in Borderlands 3

Throughout Borderlands 3 you can unlock additional weapon and item slots. This guide will tell you how you can obtain these slots for your loadout.
How to unlock weapon and item slots - Borderlands 3
How to unlock weapon and item slots - Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Inventory Slots

At the start of Borderlands 3, your Vault Hunter has 2 weapon slots, a shield slot, and a slot for a grenade mod. Throughout the tutorial, you will find gear to fill up those inventory slots and create a nice loadout. However, there are more slots that you can unlock throughout the game. There are 2 more weapons slots, a slot for your class mod, and a slot for an artifact that you can unlock. Depending on your playstyle this can take a while to unlock them all. Because these additional loadout slots will become available by completing certain story missions. So if you are a completionist and do all the side-missions and crew challenges it can take a while to get access to all the inventory slots.

How to Unlock Weapon and Item Slots

  • Third Weapon Slot
    • Your Third Weapon Slot will unlock after leaving Pandora for the first time, completing the ‘Taking Flight’ and ‘Sanctuary’ quests at are your 4th and 5th main missions.
  • Class Mod Slot 
    • Your Class Mod Slot will unlock after helping Rhys out on Promethea and defeating the boss and completing the quest ‘Hostile Takeover’, which is your 6th main mission.
  • Fourth Weapon Slot
    • Your Fourth Weapon Slot will unlock after completing the first vault mission in the main story, Beneath the Meridian, which is the 10th main mission.
  • Artifact Slot
    • Your Artifact Slot will only unlock after taking on another Vault quest called ‘Cold as the Grave’, which is the 16th main mission.

Gear Overview

Learn more about the items you can carry in each of the inventory slots as I did a complete breakdown of all of the different gear items you can obtain.

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