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How to unlock Green Chest in Immortals of Aveum

You can find Green cages in Immortals of Aveum that lock off a loot chest. There are multiple of these challenges spread throughout the game. To obtain their rewards, you need to solve a small puzzle that requires some skill as the solution needs to be executed swiftly.

How to unlock Green Chest in Immortals of Aveum

  1. Find a switch nearby

    Each green cage can be opened with a switch.

  2. Shoot the Switch

    Use the correct magic color that corresponds with the Gem’s color to trigger the button.

  3. Quickly Shoot a Limpet

    As soon as you trigger the switch the Green Cage will open, however, it quickly closes again, therefore, you don’t have enough time to run towards it. You need to shoot a Limpet on the Green Cage to keep it open.

  4. Run to the Green Chest

    You quickly need to get to the Green Chest when you successfully open the cage and have a limpet attached to it.

Tips to unlock Green Chest in Immortals of Aveum

  • Sometimes you need to switch around steps 2 and 3 and shoot the Limpet first as it has to travel a long distance and isn’t attached to the Green Chest in time.
  • Shoot additional Limpets as you make your way to the loot chest.
  • Level up your Limpet Talents to increase its duration, giving you more time to reach the chest.
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