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Immortals of Aveum “Acroamatic Fane” Shatterfane Guide

Immortals of Aveum: Acroamatic Fane Guide

The Acroamatic Fane is one of the Shatterfane in Immortals of Aveum. This End Game challenge was added with the Free Echollectors Update. You can access this corrupted Shroudfane through a portal located near Glaivegate in the Kalthus region.

RequirementsReach Chapter 16 – Glaivegate
Complete: Wild Fane
Complete: Holosteric Fane
Complete: Dominator Fane
RewardsAkothian Vail
Petricast Legendary Sigil
2 Legendary Essence

Acroamatic Fane Location

Immortals of Aveum Shatterfane - Acroamatic Fane Location
  • Fast Travel to Kalthus through the Glaivegate Portal
  • Make your way outside and traverse the map back towards the beginning of the map.
  • Use the Grapple Points to reach the other side of the cliff.
  • The corrupted Shroudfane is located high on the cliff.
  • Jump off the cliff backward and look up to the Shatterfane. You will see a grapple point to get up there.
  • Enter the Shatterfane

Acroamatic Fane Guide

This Shatterfane will require you to first complete the other 3 Shatterfanes. The 3 tokens inside this corrupted Shroudfane will light up as you manage to overcome their challenges.

When you accomplish the requirements, the Echollector will confront you. Prepare for an epic boss battle like no other. You should have mastered all your abilities by now as you take on the fury of the Echollector.

How to defeat the Echocollector?

The Echocollector is the ultimate End Game boss in Immortals of Aveum. This fight will require you to have the best gear, a good build, and use all your abilities.

When you keep your distance, the boss will dash at you and use its hammer to deliver powerful attacks. You can dodge these by using your blink ability while throwing Limpets at him to slow him down.

If the boss has taken some damage, he will summon a talisman that will shield him from your attacks. The first time he does this it will be 1 talisman, however, as the fight continues there will be up to 3 talismans that protect him. When you destroy these talismans across the map, the boss will briefly be stunned. This could be a great opportunity to deal massive damage by using your Ultimate Immulate Spell.

As the boss has taken enough damage, he will slam you up in the air and change the shape of the arena.

These phases will continue to loop and the Echollector will gain new attacks like a Range Attack and a Vortex.

You will be able to find 2 chests in each arena. One with a Health Crystal and one with a Mana Crystal.

TIP: You can hover in the air as the Boss knocks you up in the sky. This gives you a brief moment to look down and launch a Torrent Fury. There are some moments this does not damage the boss as he could be entering his Vortex attack.

My playthrough

Play to your strengths, I was rocking a Torrent Build. This allowed me to recharge my Dominion Magic and Fury Magic Meters pretty easily when using the Torrent Fury. I used a lot of Red Magic-infused Limpets to slow down the boss and keep my health up. While I had a lot of Talent Points in the Green Tree, I mainly used a Red Magic Sigil. Therefore, I tend to run to the Talismans who shield the boss and destroy them up close, while I also could have switched to a different magic color.

I learned that my Torrent Fury dealt a lot of damage and restored a lot of my magic meters. I sometimes opt-ed to use my Torrent during the moments the Boss was stunned because I could then use the Ultimate Immulate Spell during moments the Boss was launching their attacks and I could benefit from the invincibility that comes during that spell.

Talents to consider

There isn’t one build that rules them all but here are a few skills you should consider going in the boss fight. You will need to get your health and defenses up throughout the fight. Luckily there are multiple ways you can do that.

TalentMagic ColorDescription
Guard PunchRedYour shield will break during this fight and you will need all the protection you can get. A simple melee punch will bypass the cooldown and restore your shield. I used this, it’s very helpful.
Living ExplosionRedYou will be slowing down the boss using Limpets. When the boss is covered with them, shoot the limpets (and the boss) with Red Magic. This will restore some of your health. I used this.
RampageRedThis talent could be your failsafe as it increases your defenses when you most need it but it also gives you a chance to deal good Blastwave damage.
Perfect BlockBlueYou can avoid damage and prevent your shield from breaking if you can time your shield pop correctly. Timing this wasn’t my thing.
Fast ShieldBlueYou can avoid a lot of damage if you keep moving, however, your shield slows you down. Fast Shield prevents you from taking any unnecessary shield damage.
Siphon ShieldGreenIf your shield is hit, transfer 25% of that damage to health. Great to get your health up when taking hits.
Decay LimpetsGreenYou will be slowing down the boss using Limpets anyway. Damage over Time effects in Immortals of Aveum are pretty powerful.
… DominionAnyImmulate is a powerful spell and grants you invulnerability while using it. Getting your Dominion generation up will allow you to use it frequently.
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