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Immortals of Aveum “Alacrity Fane” Shroudfane Guide

The Alacrity Fane is one of the Shroudfane in Immortals of Aveum. This puzzle-based challenge can be accessed through a portal located in Lucium.

RewardsRadiant Health Stone
+300 XP

Alacrity Fane Location

Immortals of Aveum Shroudfane - Alacrity Fane Map Location
  • Fast Travel to Lucium
  • Go to the unfinished bridge
  • Activate the green-eye beacon
  • Position the green-laser eye to the green-eye beacon on the other side to lower the platform
  • Shoot the Blue gem at the top to turn the crane when the platform has reached the bottom
  • Jump onto the platform as it moves to the side
  • Reposition the Green-laser eye to elevate the platform back to the top
  • Follow the path to the Shroudfane

Alacrity Fane Guide

This Shroudfane has you shooting various crystals with their corresponding magic color. The first few ones only have you shoot one color and take a 90-degree turn up the stairs, however, after that, you will need to shoot some moving or hidden (to the left and right) crystals.

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