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Secret Wisps the Key to Ascension in Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum Mystical Orbs
Immortals of Aveum Mystical Orbs

Immortals of Aveum is a game that is full of magic. You don’t just shoot magic but the world around you is also magical, therefore, it isn’t unusual to see colored orbs flying through the mystical environments. What if I told you that these wisps are more than just eye candy and they are actually a gameplay element?

You can stumble upon Red, Green, and Blue wisps throughout Immortals of Avuem. If you shoot these floating orbs with the matching Magic color, they will reward you with Ascension Points. These mystical orbs are often difficult to spot and to hit but they do offer you a nice XP boost to level up your character.

The Red orbs can sometimes be a bit difficult to hit due to the blast range of these sigils. However, you can also use the red “Blastwave” fury spell to hit these floating orbs.

In the first screenshot, you see a blue wisp flying in Lucium, and when I shoot it with blue magic, the orb disappears and grants +100 Ascension Points. You will find other wisps later in the game that will provide more XP.

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