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Immortals of Aveum: Can You Romance Kenzie

Kenzie sitting on Jak's bed. Can she be romanced?
Immortals of Aveum: Can you Romance Kenzie?

You first meet Kenzie in chapter 8 of Immortals of Aveum after you obtain the grapple ability and use it to travel along Aveum’s magical leylines to the Sky Islands of Oremen. She is smart, always upbeat, and playful. However, then there is a point in the story where there is an optional objective where Kenzie is waiting for Jak on his bed. The scene is set, you are talking about feelings, and things seem to be implied but then you are challenged with a series of multiple-choice questions.

What to do, can you start a romance with Kenzie?

While the feels like the developers of Ascendant Studios are setting up a romance scene between Jak and Kenzie there isn’t anything you can do that would make that happen. You can only influence how that scene plays out, there are no consequences, or romantic relationships being built. She will always leave the Palathon and keep calling you “Hot Stuff”.

The devs would love to tell more stories with Kenzie and if the circumstances are right they are open to a Kenzie DLC.

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