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Immortals of Aveum “Chaos Fane” Shroudfane Guide

Immortals of Aveum Shroudfane - Choas Fane Guide
Immortals of Aveum Shroudfane - Choas Fane Guide

The Chaos Fane is one of the Shroudfane in Immortals of Aveum. This combat-based challenge can be accessed through a portal located in Lucium.

RequirementsGrapple Ability
Refract Ability
RewardsRadiant Health Stone
+300 XP

Chaos Fane Location

  • Fast Travel to Lucium using the Norcea fast travel portal
  • Walk over the bridge towards Greyveil Plaza
  • Just over the bridge, you have a house to your right with a Green laser puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle
    • Use Animate to guide the beam to the eye on the column.
    • When the Column is all the way down, freeze it with Limpets.
    • Immediately aim the green beam to the other eye to raise the platforms.
    • Shoot another Limpet on the column.
    • Quickly get across the made bridge before your Limpets dissolve.
  • Walk up the hill to the fort and solve the next puzzle.
    • Shoot Red Crystal to the left
    • Shoot Green Crystal to the right
    • Animate the large branch
    • Shoot the Blue Crystal
    • Use your Lens Beam on the mirror and reflect it onto the Prism and onto the eyes.

Chaos Fane Guide

This Shroudfane has you double-jumping from platform to platform. However, enemies will spawn as soon as you start on the second set of platforms. Most of them will be blue magic mages with a shield that you will need to shatter. There will be a green magic mage amongst them that will launch bombs toward you. After defeating a few enemies those Red monsters will spawn and will invade your personal space. Make good use of your shield and blink abilities.

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